Curing Sciatica Naturally

All of us agree that most of the medicines we have these times give us some side effect or the other. It has become critical that we use natural cures to steer clear of these side effects. There are natural cures for almost all problems. Even problems like sciatica could be handled naturally. In the event you want to do so, you’ve the following options to opt from.

Maybe, one of the best natural treatments for sciatica is workout. There are countless exercises for sciatic pain relief. These exercises relieve the strain on the sciatic nerve and subsequently help lower the pain. Though simple stretching exercises and aerobics can help you fight the pain, it’s yoga that works the perfect. Pilates and Tai Chi may also be advantageous.

Alternative therapies like acupressure, acupuncture, and refloxology may also be of superb help in treating the issue. Acupressure works by application of pressure on specific points, also known as pressure points in your body. On the other hand, acupuncture involves insertion of needles at the pressure points. This helps release the clogged power inside the body and offer pain relief. Quite contrary to well-known belief, acupuncture is painless. Reflexology involves maneuvering specific points in your foot.

Yet an additional option for treating sciatica naturally is hydrotherapy. This therapy employs the buoyant forces of water to cure the problem. Merely soak yourself in a hot water tub for half an hour and you’ll experience the pain cut down gradually.

Then we have the heat and ice therapy which are also well known to treat sciatica naturally. These are the best in case you want immediate pain relief. For heat therapy, you could use a hot water bottle or the like. Keep it on the affected area and it will alleviate the strain in the muscles and the area around. Nevertheless, in case you are interested in ice therapy you can apply ice or a better option would be to wrap frozen peas in a cloth and then apply it to the painful spot. This will deaden the pain.

You can also treat sciatica by improving your food habits. Although there is no direct relationship between food and sciatica, specific food items are helpful in treating the problem. Food items which are rich in potassium like bananas, potatoes and oranges are found to be very useful. Fresh vegetable juice of celery, beetroot and carrots is considered highly beneficial for the natural treatment of sciatica.

Certainly, you have numerous medications for sciatica and you may be tempted to use those for quick relief. However, these medicines may have numerous side effects in the long run. So, it is strongly recommended that you keep these medicines as the last resort and treat the problem naturally rather.

Natural methods of treatment are often overlooked by many doctors. You will often be prescribed drugs to take away your pain. However, if you ask your doctor about exercises for natural sciatic relief he will be able to give you advice. When you have sciatica a strong pain goes through the lower back. This travels to the foot and leg areas. This can be very uncomfortable. The pain will often become worse when a person is doing physical activity. This is a good reason why you should ask your doctor about exercises for sciatica before you try any. You can go and get lessons from a professional or take some classes for stretches and exercises. This will show you how to cure sciatica naturally.

This stretch involved sitting on a soft surface, do not do these exercises on a hard floor. Put your legs out straight in front of you and put your hands down on the ground. Sit up straight. Have your feet against the wall. Press your hands down on the side of your palm against the floor or yoga mat. This is a good exercise which you can do that does not require too much physical straight. It can help greatly although it might seem simple.

Here is another good stretch for sciatica. Lie down on a soft surface such as a yoga mat. Be careful when getting into this position. Bend your knee up, starting with the right knee. Bend it up towards your chest. While you are doing this you should have the bottom of your other foot up against a wall.

There are many alternative methods of treatment for dealing with sciatica. You do not have to use traditional methods such as drugs. You can find more exercises like this easily. There are many great websites with more information on how to cure sciatica naturally.

I wanted to stop the pain of sciatica naturally. But I didn’t know how and time was NOT on my side. I was a college basketball coach/teacher and didn’t have a lot of time. Here is how it began. Shoveling my sidewalk! That’s it! Fifteen feet of powder. But that is all it took.

It wouldn’t surprise me if you’re reading this article for a loved one who has Sciatica. If that is the case, let me be brief. Your loved one is experiencing some excruciating, shooting pains!

My pain was relentless! Movements such as getting into and out of bed, bathtub, vehicles, up or down from chair. Each of these position changes produced excruciating pain. Once I had settled into the position, the pain would subside slightly. It wasn’t until I got to a physical therapist that I started to experience some relief. This had taken place over months of pain!

I dealt with the pain for months! Don’t let your loved one go through what I did! Wouldn’t their relief be a wonderful thing? A gift you can supply! It’s up to you to help your loved one out and this IS what they need! You can stop their pain!

These are the things I tried: Ibuprofen 1000 mg, prescription muscle relaxants, hot baths, chiropractors. All of these gave minimal to no relief! If these are what your loved one is doing or has done, it’s not going to give permanent relief.

It wasn’t until I did this program that I cured my sciatica naturally.