Acupuncture Helps Sciatica

A: the reason for acupuncture was due to john, my son. sort of saying try it, i got nothing to lose. I tried everything else, apart from having surgery again. So lets try it. I tried it and it is obviously working. Q: Whats your impression of acupuncture before you tried it? A: That was just a load of rubbish that somebody stuck needles into you and it supposedly worked. But since being here, in the first half hour of needles being stuck at the back of my hand.

I had pain relief. If I wasnt happy about it, I would be quickly to tell you, No, this is not working. This is not for me, cause of 4 years having pain, taking handful of pills everyday to about to where I am nearly forgetting to take the pills and the pain threshold has gone down dramatically. Anyone Who knows me and sees me and says, Hey you Allan is walking straighter His facial expressions are better, I am very quick to tell them why and how.

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