Acupuncture Sciatica Pregnancy

Pregnant and Overdue Would you prefer avoiding a medical Induction if you could Consider Acupuncture as an option to help a natural Labour begin. How can Acupuncture for Labour help It may encourage the baby’s head to engage and for them to drop It may help uterine contractions and assist prelabour signs It can relax you, so you’re calm focused on you and your baby before the birth Here’s what you need to know about Acupuncture. It’s Safe When performed by a Registered Acupuncturist The needles are single use, sterile disposable.

Your belly isn’t needled. Instead, acupoints are used in other areas, such as hands and feet. When can you start treatment If overdue, you can start immediately. If a Hospital induction is scheduled, try acupuncture beforehand. Or if hoping to get baby delivered on time, you can start acupuncture from 37 weeks. How many treatments Best practice is to try 2 to 3 treatments. Sometimes one Acupuncture treatment is enough. Its all about Relaxationof the mind, the muscles and the cervix. When successful, labour can begin within 24 to 48 hours after acupuncture.

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