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Hi friends! Thank you so much for tuning in. This is a strictly girls tutorial today because I’m going to be talking about our period. Ever since I was young, it was terrible. I had the worst period cramps. But I have found some ways that really get rid of menstrual cramps, period cramps, however you want to say it. So I’m gonna share some tips. This first tip that I have for you is heat. Applying heat to wherever you have your period cramps really works. You can apply it onto your lower abdomen,.

Your lower back, wherever you feel pain. There are so many ways you can apply heat. You can apply heat with these heat wraps that you can get at your local drugstore. I get mine at CVS. What you do is, it comes like this, and what you do is, I’m gonna just use shorts cause I’m not gonna show you my underwear, you place this heat pad inside of your shorts, like this. You don’t want to put it directly to your skin because it will possibly burn your skin,.

If your skin is sensitive. So you’ll have it right there and then when you slip on your shorts, put a tank top underneath and then wear it and it will really provide that amazing heat that you need to really get rid of your period cramps. Another way that I’ve had, for seven years, I don’t kid you, seven years. This is like an herbal heat pack. You can put it in the microwave or you can even freeze it. What you do is, I like to put it in the microwave for a minute.


And then I wrap it around my stomach like this and it is good to go. I can wear it all day long. And it’s not only good for your period it’s also good if you have lower back pain or any muscle pain. You can put it on your lower back like this or anywhere you have any muscle pain. Another way is to just put some warm water in a water bottle and place it to where you have cramps. That works, too. Taking a really hot bath works wonders.

As well. Add some Epsom salt because that’s known to be a little muscle relaxer. So, you can try that as well. You can also try hot peppermint tea. The heat really soothes your stomach and peppermint is known to soothe any stomach problems and any stomach pains. So maybe give that a try. I know that ginger works as well. It does the same thing. It soothes your stomach. You can try ginger tea, ginger ale, or even the ginger you get in sushi. Sometimes when you’re on your period.

You can kind of get nauseous and ginger also helps with nausea. I’ve also read some recent studies that show that taking two vitamin E pills two days before your period really will help with the cramps. It’s just a new recent study and it says that is works so give it a try, you never know. It might work for you. Also, keep track of your period. The funny thing is I have a period tracker on my iPhone so I know when I’m getting it and it really help because then I’ll know.

When to take my vitamin E pills. So definitely give that a try. Remember to stay hydrated every single day of your life. Not just when you’re on your period. It will reduce cramps. It also reduces cramps when you’re working out. So stay hydrated every day. Exercising on a regular basis is extremely important because working out releases oxygen to your whole entire body, allowing you to relax. Also, working out releases endorphins, which are know as happy hormones , which will distract you from cramps or even prevent it from even happening.

I know, personally, in my personal experience, working out really has helped reduce cramps. I don’t get it as much because of working out. Just get on your cycling. Do some yoga. Yoga really helps. I love yoga. Yoga is relaxing, it stretches your body, you’re just going to feel so relaxed. So definitely try yoga, if anything. Before and during your period, you might want to avoid cold foods. You’re going to skip on that popsicle or the ice cold beverages because it causes your body to tighten and contract.

That can worsen your period cramps if you already have it. So definitely skip on those and go for something hot, like a hot tea, and see if that works for you. Definitely eating healthy makes a huge difference. Avoid junk food. I know that during your period you want to eat all that delicious junk food because you’re craving for it but you might want to avoid it because that will make you feel really lethargic. When you eat junk food you feel like junk, you feel like crap. And you don’t want to feel like that.

Taking in more calcium in your diet is known to really help muscle tone and prevent cramping. So give that a try. Also, add a little bit more potassium in your diet. Whether it’s just adding a banana in your diet, I heard that it really helps as well. If all else fails and I’ve tried everything I possibly could do and I still get cramps, I take some Pamprin, Motrin, Aleve, any pain reliever that there is. But definitely consult your physician. If you’re allergic to any pain relievers don’t take them.

I’m just telling you what works for me. So this is definitely the last resort. Last but not least, if I’m still in so much pain that I can’t function I end up taking a nap. Napping really helps. I wear the comfiest pajamas. I just take a nap and usually when I wake up from that little nap, whether it be a 10 minute catnap, or a one hour nap, I feel pretty great when I wake up. A nap really makes a difference. I hope these tips help you.

I hope you have a great period every single month and that you don’t have cramps. If this tutorial helped you definitely let me know or leave in the information box what you’ve done to alleviate your period cramps cause it’s great to share with everyone in the comment section. You guys can start this whole forum in the comments section, talking about how you got rid of your period cramps. Thank you so much for watching. I would love it if you subscribe, if you haven’t subscribed to my channel.

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