Backache Between Shoulder Blades

HI, Welcome to OrthoBionomy With Tracy. I’ve had several people ask me how to relieve the tension between the shoulder blades particularly between the shoulder blade and the spine. In OrthoBionomy we follow the body’s pattern so there are two ways you can relieve this tension. First of all, if there’s tension between here, you’ve stretched the traps, the rhomboids, and it’s because you’ve been sitting at a desk and your shoulders are rounded, or you’re driving a car, carrying things, so everything is rolled forward. One of the ways that we.

Would relieve tension between here is to follow the pattern of rounding the shoulders. So I would suggest holding on opposite shoulders, giving yourself a slight hug, make sure you breathe, and hold this position for 10 to 30 seconds. Once the time is up, you can let go and see if that relieves any of the tension between here. If I had a client, and I was trying to relieve the tension, I could show them this. I could also have them lay face down on the table and try to bring this area to make it shorter.

The muscle is already tight. I would try to make it tighter. By doing that, I would raise the shoulder and make a cave motion, where the area between the shoulders gets shorter. I would raise the shoulder up, compress gently toward the spinal column. By compressing toward a joint the nervous system gets involved and the brain says what’s going on I need to relax. This isn’t an appropriate place. Then we let go and see if the muscles have changed. To do this by yourself, it’s fairly easy to do if you have a wall or a door. If you have.

Shoulder blade release

The area, say on your right shoulder. The area between the shoulder and the spine is tight. I would bring the arm back, shortening this muscle. Then I would lean against the wall, with my arm back for 1030 seconds. Once the time is up, I move away and bring the arm forward. Often by bringing that shoulder back, leaning against the wall, adding compression, getting the nervous system involved, allows that muscle to relax. When you walk away and bring the shoulder forward, that area between the shoulder blade has released.

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