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Are period like cramps normal during pregnancy Very early in the pregnancy, cramps like that may occur as the uterus expands. Late in the pregnancy, it could be your body preparing for labor. What do you mean preparing for labor You’d feel waves of muscle contractions starting in the back or upper abdomen rippling out and down. That is the uterus getting in shape to push the baby out. I haven’t felt anything like that. If you are in your first or second trimester, period like cramps may also be a sign of a.

Miscarriage. I don’t think I’m having a miscarriage. Cramps could come from indigestion, muscle tension, the load of carrying the baby or a number of other things. But cramps coupled with blood is a sure sign of a miscarriage. What should I do then Get to a doctor. But I might have already lost the baby. If you get medical help early, it might be saved. And if not, you still need medical attention to take care of you. I’ve had cramps like this for weeks. It might just be your uterus expanding to make room for the baby. That’s most common.

In the first trimester, but you should see the doctor if it goes on past that point. When is it a medical emergency If you are having pain so bad you want to double over, any time there is blood, and in case you think you are in labor. If in doubt, go to the doctor. Though it would be embarrassing to go thinking I’m in labor but I’m not. Trust me, they’ll understand. And they’d rather have a false alarm than deal with an emergency made worse by neglect. Nice to know that paranoia is a good trait to have as a parenttobe.

Are Period Like Cramps Normal During Pregnancy

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