Backache For A Week

What happens at 10 weeks pregnant You finally give in to the realization that the stomach bug is not going to go away in another week or two, though hopefully the morning sickness ends before the back pain starts. I already knew I was pregnant, not long after the period was late. At this point, the baby is about an inch long and a fraction of an ounce. That’s not too big. That’s phenomenal growth considering it was a single cell less than three months ago. At this point, the organs and tissues are developing and maturing.

That’s kind of true for all children. The kidneys, brain and liver have formed, though the intestines are yet to migrate completely into the stomach. I’ve heard it starts to look like a baby at this point. It is more like week 13 and week 14 that the baby is less translucent and organs are fully formed. In this stage, the fingers and toes are forming and nails are starting to form. Though I’m the only one that can get a manicure right now. The joints are forming, though the bones haven’t hardened yet. So the kid can bend the limbs.

Now and even kick, though you won’t feel it for another two or three months. Given that I already have trouble sleeping, not getting woken up by a kid kicking my bladder is not a bad thing. The kid is growing hair on the skin. Can they tell what color the kid’s hair is I’m talking about fuzz on the skin like the fur our ancestors had, though most babies lose that before they are six months along. That’s an example of the embryo repeating the evolution of the species. As long as the kid actually evolves to be more like my family instead of his.

What Happens at 10 Weeks Pregnant

Forget DHA in the baby formula for a smart baby. The spinal nerves are starting to grow and extend, so getting your B vitamins like folate is important. It seems like anything I eat or drink comes with a warning about the impact on the baby. The addition of folate in bread to ensure all women got enough in early pregnancy reduced the incidence of spina bifida and related disorders by a quarter, so taking those vitamins has a major impact on the kid’s health. As long as I do not throw it up.

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