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Well you’re own labor was uniquely personal experience all labor’s follow the same natural process that brings about the everyday miracle upper in this chapter understanding labor you learn about the different stages operators including the physical and emotional changes the whole experience as you gives birth to your precious baby once labor begins it’s impossible to predict how long it will last because every mom and baby is different typically the entire process lasts anywhere from six to 24 hours or longer your labor will progress through three distinct stages during the first stage of labor.

Contractions cause the cervix to been out and open the second stage of labor includes pushing and the birth appear baby in the third stage of labour you push out the placenta now let’s take a closer look at the first stage of labor which is further divided into three phases early labor active labor and transition will start with early labor this animation shows the changing cervix during early labor the cervix starts to it base and dilate which means to been and open in this phase the cervix dilates to 3 centimeters I’ll.

This contraction graph shows the length frequency and strength contractions early labor contractions are short lasting only thirty to fortyfive seconds and are spaced far apart giving moms five to thirty minutes abreast in between early labor can take many hours typically lasting six to 12 hours for first time moms in labor your emotions will most likely reflect what’s happening inside of your body during early labor most parents feel excited since their labors under way but contractions aren’t strong they may also be a little anxious about how labor will progress from here.

Understanding labour pain

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