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Hi! I’m Dr. Trites with Doctors Optimum, and what I want to share with you today is ourbination product of what you’d have as our immune support, which is abination of Doctors Optimim Probiotic and Doctors Optimum Vitamin D. Now, we do sell those separately, but the best way to make those two work for you is to take them together. Now here’s how this works. We know that Vitamin D has the ability to boost the immune system, to help bones, to help mood stabilization, to really be utilized as a hormone because Vitamin D really isn’t a vitamin, it’s actually a hormone, and Vitamin Des in two forms D2 and D3. We know that vitamin D3 is more biologically active than vitamin D2, and vitamin D2 is typically used in pharmaceuticals. So we want something that’s viable. so we utilize vitamin D3. Now, the reason that we used a particular vitamin D3 was it was more biologically active and we added it to a fat. Vitamin D needs to be taken with a fat, so naturally, we put it in a liquid form and then a fat form so that it could get absorbed into the body the best way possible we could get an absorption rate to occur. Typically, in a pill form, it may not be absorbed if it’s a dry powder, and the absorption rate goes down even more, even if it is D3. So that is why we have that product in a liquid, with a fat D3 form. Nowbining that with a Probiotic, and this probiotic needs to be something that is in a capsule that can get past the stomach acid, doesn’t get destroyed in there, and needs to contain a bacteria that are antibacterial to pathogenic bacteria that could be in your gut from things that you eat or a breakdown of the immune system.

And so, inbining the two of them, you’ve got a probiotic that gets in there and sets up its own, we’ll call it an ecosystem, to rid yourself of pathogenic bacteria to put in new bacteria, and bacteria that actually creates its own antibiotics, which is pretty cool to have in there so you won’t have to take any if it’s a working system in its proper form, then give it a little shot in the arm from vitamin D which also boosts the immune system to help these guys grow faster, and allow the immune system to clean up what’s in there. That’s how we create an immuneboosting formula bybining Vitamin D and Probiotic from Doctor’s Optimum. So we suggest that you take about 12 drops of vitamin D a day and 2 capsules of the Doctors Optimum Probiotic each morning. Ideally, you’ll take it with a fat. Why We want it to absorb a little bit better. Even though it has fat in there, you can take in other liquids, the best way to take it is with a fat. That’s the fastest way to absorb a Vitamin D, and the idea is that while you may get sick, it’s not as bad, and hopefully you don’t ever get sick at all because your immune system is working properly. That’s the idea of everything, but the oue isn’t always the same with everyone, but we want to see an improvement and we highly encourage you to try and utilize Doctors Optimum Immune Boosting support. I’m Dr. Trites with Doctors Optimum, be well.

Vitamin D Deficiency May Be Ruining Your Life

Hey guys just duhon are here with the health maniac. We are going to talk about vitamin D deficiency and how it may be ruining your life now first off I am the health maniac my name is Jeff duhon and we are going to be talking about A lot of different health topics one thing that you need to know before we get going is that nothing that I say ever is or ever will be evaluated by the psychopathic FDA now why are we vitamin D deficient it’s pretty obvious we don’t get enough time outside and when we do get outside we are putting frickin crap all over our skin so they have us brainwashed to think that any exposure to the sun now or 30 or 40 years later is going to cause skin cancer which is out of control. So what we end up in is a situation where we don’t have near enough vitamin d and I managed to find 10 different things that vitamin d deficiency can cause so here is what I found 1. The flu 2. Muscle weakness 3. Psoriasis 4. Chronic kidney disease 5. Diabetes 6. Asthma 7. Periodontal disease 8. Cardiovascular disease 9. Schizophrenia and Depression 10. Cancer that’s right the number 10 reason is cancer so not getting enough sun not enough vitamin d can cause cancer. Now the sun obviously isn’t the only way. It’s not the only answer is getting straight sun. We are going to go over different supplements and different natural vitamin I’m sorry natural sunscreens that will work just as well as your toxic current sunscreens that you’re using. Let me clear, there is not a single sunscreen on the market that will not cause cancer and is not poisonous. If you think I’m lying do some research on the actualponents of the sunscreen and you will find pretty similar. There’s a reason why when you put on sunscreen it burns. anyway The best way to do it is d3. The best way to do it is other natural sunscreens. That episode ising up next on the health maniac, I’ll see you guys then.

Dr. Alan Trites on The Best Vitamin D

Hello! I’m Dr. Trites with Doctors Optimum, and today I’m going to talk about Vitamin D. So what is Vitamin D It’s actually really not a vitamin at all. It’s a fatsoluble hormone, and it is present in very few foods, but is added to many others. It’s a dietary supplement, it can be in a liquid form and it can be in powder form, and our research has shown that it is actually better in a liquid form. More importantly, it’s better in a liquid form that also has an added fat. Now if you flip the label of your Vitamin D, it might be with Vitamin E, which is a liquid fatsoluble vitamin, with a mixed D alphatocopherol, could even be in fish oil because that is a fat, but ourses in what’s called MCT, which is a mediumchain triglyceride. It’s essentially a type of fat, and mediumchain triglycerideses in many forms it can be olive oil, or it could be coconut oil, or it could be sesame seed oil, or it could be any of those particular forms, and that’s called the mediumchain triglycerides. Those are what’s called ‘good fats’, like what’s found in an avocado. Now, some people would say, Well, I went outside today, so I got plenty of Vitamin D. And that is true the body does trigger a response when the sunlight hits the skin, it should, what’s called ‘synthesize’ the C hormone into a. well, there’s a difference between D3 and D2, and it synthesizes and change it. So keep in mind, Vitamin D was first found and thought to be a vitamin, but really it’s a hormone, and it’s calciferol, or cholecalciferol, and there is ergocalciferol, which is the D2 form. D2 is typically what you find in the pharmaceutical brands, and that is what is allowed to be a pharmaceutical. D3 is more on the supplemental side. It’s deemed to be more biologically active. It has receptor sites or more receptors than the D2 does. And by the way, D2 can be converted, that’s what they can get in the the pharmaceutical side and hope that it actually raises the D count. Why take Vitamin D There are a lot of conditions that Vitamin D has been shown to help out, and we also do a blood test if there is a question at all, to find out, Is Vitamin D in your particular body adequate Do you need a supplement with Vitamin D, and when you supplement with Vitamin D, did it raise your values to what is considered normal or not So why should you even take our Vitamin D Well, number 1, it is in a liquid form.

If you remember, that liquid form is a little bit more viable than a powder form. Our particular liquid could be taken alone, or it can be added to any liquid. We formulate it because we wanted to make sure it is the right Vitamin D, and that it has a fat with it called the MCT the mediumchain triglyceride. And we have plenty of studies that show, including many documentations within our own office, to show it’s a pretty good supplement just for muscular pain, low back pain, diabetes, autoimmune conditions it has to be there.

Of course we use the biologically active D3 form. We didn’t want to go with D2, and it’s not in a pill form, so you can take it in at any age. You can just drop it or add it to anything. And of course, all of our products at Doctors Optimum are free of sugar, salt, starch, yeast, wheat, gluten, soy, milk, egg, shellfish and preservatives. Again, I’m Dr. Trites at Doctors Optimum, be well.

Vitamin D3 Deficiency and Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery Patients Blossom Bariatrics

Hello. This is Michelle Phelan, nutritionist at Blossom Bariatrics, where expertise meets truepassion. We’re always here for you before, during, and after your weight loss surgery procedurebecause it’s the after that’s the most important part. Today, we’re going to talk about Vitamin D3 deficiency. As many as 91 of bariatric patients can be deficient in Vitamin D3. Vitamin D3 is so important for many bodily functions, but the most important one is the absorption of your calcium. Calcium cannot be absorbed properly without adequate amounts of D3. The more absorbable and active form of Vitamin D is actually D3.

Many of the prescriptions out there are actually the synthetic version which is D2, and less active and harder to absorb. So, always look, folks, for D3. You’ll find them in a gel cap or liquid form and this format is actually more preferable for absorption for all bariatric patients. You can go upwards of 5,000 to 10,000 International Units IU of Vitamin D3 a day. And, if you’re under the care of your physician, you can definitely utilize what your physician tells you but just know you can keep around 5,000 to 10,000 IUs a day to make sure that you have adequate amounts of Vitamin D3 in your systemand, of course, this is daily.

For those of you that get a lot of sun every day, please keep this in mind Vitamin D3 can be absorbed on your skin. In fact, that’s actually the best way for D3 to be absorbed and synthesized into your body. But for those of you that wear sun block on a regular basis, you’re not synthesizing your D3 from the sunshine. So, I always tell my patients, Get at least 15 minutes a day in the sun without sun block, and you’re sure to get your D3 the natural way through sunshine. Thank you for joining me. Don’t et to check us out on our website blossombariatrics for any additionalrmation or questions that you may have. Thank you and have a very healthy day.

Can Low Vitamin D Lead To Health Problems

Another new study is showing just how important vitamin D is, and this time, researchers say having low vitamin D might even predict cancer oues. I’m Rachelle Grossman with your latest health news. We get vitamin D through our diet and our bodies produce it when we are exposed to sunlight. Without enough, people are at risk for serious health problems. This latest review found that people with low vitamin D levels were at an increased risk for heart disease and death. They also discovered that low vitamin D blood concentrations increased a person’s chance of dying from cancer, but only among people with a history of cancer.

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