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Hi, I’m Dr. Alec with Proactive Chiropractic and Rehab Center here in Charlotte, North Carolina. Today I wanted to discuss the diagnosis of a herniated disc. What is it, what causes it, and what are some of the treatment options we have here in our clinic First for us to understand what a herniated disc is, we have to understand the anatomy of the disc. The anatomy of the disc consists of the center part. It’s a jellylike substance which is called nucleus pulposus. The outside part of it, its fibrous part, is called annulus.

Fibrosus. Its function mainly is to act as a shock absorber for the spine, and also to separate the vertebrae so there’s enough room for the nerve to exit through the canal. A disc herniation occurs when the center part, the jelly likesubstance, breaks through the weakened layers of the annulus fibrosus causing a bulge in the disc. The causes of a disc herniation can range from a traumatic event to a repetitive motion, and a traumatic event can be as a car accident or a sports injury. Repetitive motions could.

Be someone who’s bending incorrectly for many years weakening the annulus fibrosus layers. Several of the treatment options we have in our clinic for herniated disc consists of a lumbar adjustment, which puts motion into the injured area. Spinal decompression therapy which puts traction taking the pressure off the nerves that are affected by the herniation, and also functional exercises which produce strengthening of the muscles that are weakened by the herniated disc. Now for a disc herniation, surgery is not the primary answer. The only time you should think about surgery is if you’ve tried all other conservative methods, such as physical.

Herniated Disc Treatment in Charlotte, North Carolina

Therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, anything that is before surgery for, at least, three to four months. Now if you have pain that’s debilitating, you’ve lived with this for so many years that you can’t do anything else and no conservative care has helped you, definitely consider surgery. Also if you have the symptoms of lost control of urinary and bowel function, that’s an automatic surgical consultation. In my ten years of treating herniated discs, we have had great success with providing lasting relief. If you have a diagnosis of herniated disc, please don’t become discouraged. There.

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