Causes Of Sciatica Disease

Hey y’all, it’s Doctor Jo and my assistant with me today is Bailey again. And today I’m going to be talking about your piriformis. So lots of times I hear people say they’ve got that sciatic nerve, well actually everybody has a sciatic nerve, but you can have pain coming from that nerve, and a lot of times that piriformis muscle is causing the pain. So we’re gonna show you some stretches to stretch out your piriformis and hopefully get rid of that sciatic nerve pain. Alright let’s go on to our backs. Here we go. I think.

We’re gonna maybe move Bailey out of the way. In the first stretch for your piriformis is a pretty simple one. A lot of pictures you may get from your therapist will actually show one leg down, I actually like for you to have it staying up so you can prop your foot over it. So your gonna make almost like a figure 4 with your legs and then what you’re gonna do, the side that’s hurting, so my left side is hurting, I’m gonna cross that leg over. And what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna bring my knee with my opposite hand towards my shoulder.

Over here. So I’m pulling this leg up and across my body. And what you wanna do same kind of thing with all the stretches, you wanna pull and you wanna feel a stretch under there. Soon as you feel a really good stretch you wanna hold it for 30 seconds. So remember up and across the body. Just coming up is not gonna get that piriformis stretch. But coming up and across the body like I’m trying to bring that knee towards my shoulder. Holding it there for about 30 secondsa real 30 seconds. And then coming back down and you wanna do.

That 3 times. Now the next one to do, sometimes this is a little harder for people, but what your gonna do is your gonna keep that same figure 4, and what your gonna do is your gonna take your hands and on the opposite side that it’s hurting, so the hurting side is still up crossed over it’s still my left side. I’m gonna take my hands and put them underneath my thigh, and I’m gonna bring my leg up, and I’m gonna pull until I feel that stretch underneath.

There. Now some people might have a hard time grabbing on to their leg here, so again you can use your belt, or your dog leash and put it under, around your leg, and pull up towards you like this. Same kind of thing, you want to hold that stretch for 30 secondsbye Bailey, we’ll see you later and then 3 times each. Alright, so now you’re gonna bring that down getting it nice and stretched. For those of you that need a stronger stretch, those might not be stretching it out quite as much, what I’m gonna have you do is I’m gonna have you.

Turn over. And what your gonna do is the side that’s hurt again, my left side, I’m gonna bring my leg up across. Now as you can see, this is something you have to be pretty high level, pretty flexible to do, but it’s gonna get a fantastic stretch. So your gonna put your knee over across your body, and bring your body down. So it’s almost that same concept, you’re bringing that knee towards the opposite shoulder, but what you’re doing now, is you’re using your body weight to bring it down. You can stretch that back leg as far as you can.

You can bring your arms down, but that knee is essentially going towards that opposite shoulder. 30 second stretch, 3 times each. Alright and there you have it. Those were your piriformis stretches. So if you had some pressure on that sciatic nerve, hopefully that will loosen it up a little bit. So if you like my hair, or if you like the stretches, please click like and leave me a comment. And if you’d like to see some more stretch tutorials, or if you’d like to go see some educational tutorials, please go to AskDoctorJo. And.

Sciatica Pain Treatment Cure In 7 Days

Sciatica Pain Treatment is, Fast and effective. It will relieve you of of your ailment completely within 7 days or even in one day. It takes just 8 minutes per day to use this method. Sciatica Pain Treatment is Safe. You don’t have to take any drugs, use any weird gizmos or change your diet. It is so safe that even pregnant women can use this method without any worries. Sciatica Pain Treatment is Simple. You don’t have to perform this method at a special time or in a special place. You can do this anytime and anywhere you wish sitting, standing or even lying down.

Low Back Pain Part 7 Sciatica

Sciatica can be an extremely disabling condition. And it typically refers to pain that radiates down the leg, often into the calf, and sometimes into the foot. If we just look at a spine, we can talk about some of the sources and causes of sciatica. This is the lumbar spine, or the low back. The skin of the back would be right here. And then here is the tail bone as a point of reference. The hips are here, and these are the little bones that you would feel sticking out of your back.

The sciatic nerve actually exits just off to the side below your hip, and that is a group of nerves then that travel down the leg to the calf, and even into the foot. If we look to the front we can see a little bit more of the anatomy of the spine. These are the large bones that stack up to make the spinal column. In between the bones we have cartilage discs that separate the bones. And then turning again to the back, we see the spinal canal inside and in between these bones.

Sciatica can occur for a number of reasons. First, if we have a large disc herniation or one of these discs ruptures, it can push back into the spinal canal, compressing the nerve and resulting in sciatica, or pain that radiates down the leg. Secondarily, we can also have a pinched nerve occurring inside the spinal canal. As arthritis grows or there’s a thickening of the ligament, it can begin to crush these nerves inside the canal. As the nerves become irritated and compressed, the sciatic nerve also is inflamed, and a person.

Will experience severe pain that radiates down the leg. Finally, sciatica can occur as a direct contusion or a blunt blow to the sciatic nerve as it exits through the gluteal muscles right here. Sciatic patients often present complaining of severe leg pain. They often say the pain is electrical burning, like a terrible toothache in their leg. Many times these patients present, and they’re very uncomfortable. They haven’t slept at night. They can’t sit for very long in the car. They can’t stand or walk for more than 20 minutes.

It’s an excruciating pain. In fact, I’ve had many women tell me that it’s more severe than giving childbirth. So that’s pretty bad. Sciatic pain is a very severe pain. And it needs to be addressed pretty quickly in an attempt to try and give them some pain relief. I look to physical exam. We wanna make sure first that the sciatic nerve has not been severely injured. And so we look for atrophy of the muscles, weakness of the leg. If they’re not able to lift their foot, that would indicate that the nerve has been.

Severely injured, and we need to address it much more rapidly. We measure sensation in the leg to determine whether or not the sensation is the same from one leg to the other. And we test reflexes. Finally, we always use imaging to correlate with our physical exam, and that includes an MRI, looking at the lumbar spine, which allows us to evaluate the soft tissue, including the discs and the nerves and the spinal canal. And from an MRI we can get a very good idea of where the nerve root is being compressed,.

And to what degree it’s being compressed. And that really helps us to lay out a treatment plan. The treatment of sciatica is very broad. And really it’s driven by how much the symptoms are affecting someone’s life. If the symptoms are relatively mild, we always start conservatively. And that can include the use of antiinflammatories to try and reduce swelling around the nerve roots and within the spinal canal. We can use muscle relaxers to help assist in reducing some of the muscle spasm which is causing pain and dysfunction.

And then I always will revert to some physical therapy to begin stretching and strengthening the body in an attempt to take pressure off of that nerve. Chiropractic is another noninvasive treatment that can be very helpful, and our chiropractors use something here at Coordinated Health called flexion distraction, where they’re able to push down on the pelvis and open up the spine and take pressure off of the nerves. If the pain is more severe or they haven’t responded to conservative treatment, we have some other options. One are cortisone injections called epidural injections.

And this is an injection that is directed under xray guidance above the nerve root, and then we’re able to put cortisone right on top of the inflamed nerve. And oftentimes one or two or even three epidural injections will calm things down and allow people to move forward without pain. And then finally, if symptoms don’t get better, there are a couple of options. We have a machine that does traction, and traction works on the lumbar spine by pulling and opening up the space. And finally, if people don’t get better with this.

How To Get Rid Of Sciatica Pain Crazy Fast Sciatica Cure. Try EFT Now Energy Healing

Now You Can Heal Your Sciatica Pain, Naturally. Try This Easy New Energy Therapy, And Feel Relief In The Next 10 Minutes. Welcome, my friend. Nigel Normanton here, from Yorkshire, England. You know, millions have already healed themselves with this simple technique. Now in this short tutorial, you can try it too. Listen You’re obviously tired of repeatedly treating your sciatica pain symptoms. You’ve likely tried tons of traditional sciatica remedies. And you’re sick of hearing there’s no quick cure. But look It’s not your fault! You’ve simply been sold the old, conventional ways.

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Dr. Joe Vitale, and Jack Canfield the Chicken Soup’ guy All swear by this powerful selfhealing process. See If you’re already aware of the lifechanging possibilities of Energy Psychology. Or the secret Hawaiian healing technique Ho’oponopono. Then you’ll love this unique new combination and the speed and simplicity of 3Step EFT. If not, you’ll be staggered by the rapid results you’re about to see. Which is why these famous Doctors highly recommend EFT. Deepak Chopra, MD says EFT offers great healing benefits. Dr. Oz calls it The next big frontier in medicine!.

And Dr. Joe Mercola confirms it as A major component of our treatment program. So hand’s up who’s openminded and eager to try something NEW. You see by any conventional standards, this is a crazy cure for sure for three very good reasons It sounds crazy. It looks crazy. And here’s the kicker it works like crazy too. Which is why they’re calling it A Crazy Cure. 3Step EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques, or Tapping’. A unique combination of modern psychology and the ancient Oriental healing art of acupressure.

That’s like acupuncture without the needles! Tapping points on your face and body with your fingertips. Whilst speaking positively yet gently to your subconscious mind. To clear your blocked energy channels, or meridians. And ZAP the hidden emotional cause of your problem. See sounds crazy, doesn’t it But wait! It flat out works. The combined effect is like rebooting your body. So it’s not just for any one problem you can try it on everything. Skeptical If this is new to you, I can understand that. Most people are until they try this and prove it for themselves!.

So It’s time to dive in and test this Crazy Cure, with two quick sessions in the next few minutes. You see, emotionally simple’ problems, such as Aches, Pains, Anxieties, Allergies, Food Cravings, Phobias. Often fade away completely with the use of Step 1 alone sometimes, almost miraculously, with a single 2minute session. Most likely, though, with a few rapid repetitions. So let’s find some fast relief for you, right now, shall we. First though the required legal disclaimer. IMPORTANT 3Step EFT is a complementary therapy. It should not should be regarded as a medical claim. For medical advice, you should consult.

A qualified health professional, and the techniques described must not be used as a substitute for any treatment they recommend. In using this information, you are responsible for your own actions. So now, pick a simple’ problem to try it on. Any ache, pain or discomfort in your body, anxiety about a specific event, a food craving, simple allergy or phobia. Got one OK. To help you appreciate your progress, rate the current intensity of that problem, on a scale of zero to ten. Ten being the most intense possible, zero being no more problem at all which is.

What we’re aiming for. My brief demo shows you how and where to tap. Then you just followalong to Tap The Problem’. Let’s go. Hello! And welcome to 3Step EFT A Crazy Cure. In this short tutorial presentation I’m going to show you the tapping points that you need to use in the Step1 tapalong tutorial. There’s 8 of them and the first is on the side of the hand it’s the base of the palm the fleshy part of the hand, often known as the karate chop point where you would karate chop a piece of wood!.

So taking the fingers of the other hand, 1,2, 3 even 4 whatever feels comfortable to you as with all the tapping points, just tap gently whatever feels comfortable to you the next point is the top of the head right on the crown just tapping gently, and then you move down to the eyebrow point which is between the two eyebrows right in the middle there. Next is the side of the eye on the bone parallel with the eye there, and then underneath the eye the under the eye point.

on the bone just there. Next is the collarbone point you have two collar bones topping on either side right there. Then moving down to the breastbone point The breastbone runs down the body and at the base there’s little indentation which is known in acupressure as the Sea of Tranquility so you just tap gently on there. Then finally we have the Fingertips Point. The meridians in the body run down to the end of the fingertips, so you put your fingers together with your thumb underneath, encircle it with your other hand.

And squeeze gently on the fingertips. Whilst you’re doing that you take a deep breath in and out. And that’s it. those are the simple tapping points you need to use for the Step1 Tutorial. Ok. Now you know the tapping points, bring your problem to mind. Create a simple phrase for your specific symptom, to fill in the blanks as you tapalong for example. I have this splitting headache, I have this pain in my neck, I feel anxious about my test, I have this chocolate craving, I have this fear of spiders,.

I have these itchy eyes. Now, check the intensity again, from zero to ten. Done that Great. Now relax, and tapalong with me. Speak the words out loud, and fill in the blanks for your specific problem. Let’s tap. 3Step EFT Step 1 Tap The Problem. First Rate the intensity of your problem or negative emotion from zero to ten. Now tap. SH Even though problememotion, I know, inside, that I’m OK. SH Even though problememotion, I know, inside, that I’m OK. SH Even though problememotion, I know, inside, that I’m OK.

SH I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you. FT Breathe and feel relief. RELIEF! TH Letting go of problememotion. EB It’s OK to let go of problememotion. SE It’s safe to let go of problememotion. UE Please let go of problememotion. CB Please let go of problememotion. BB I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you. FT Breathe and release. RELEASE! SH I now prefer to feel aligned, inspired and peaceful inside. SH I now prefer to feel aligned, inspired and peaceful inside. SH I now prefer to feel aligned, inspired.

And peaceful inside. SH I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you. FT Breathe and feel peace. PEACE! Well Done! Now, rate the intensity again on that same 010 scale. Did you feel some relief already I do hope so. Did you find yourself yawning or even giggling That’s your energy shifting. Although emotionally simple’ problems often fade away as you tap, sometimes they take a few sessions to clear completely. So let’s do it again, and reduce that intensity some more, shall we. 3Step EFT Step 1 Tap The Problem. First Rate the intensity of your problem.

Or negative emotion from zero to ten. Now tap. SH Even though problememotion, I know, inside, that I’m OK. SH Even though problememotion, I know, inside, that I’m OK. SH Even though problememotion, I know, inside, that I’m OK. SH I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you. FT Breathe and feel relief. RELIEF! TH Letting go of problememotion. EB It’s OK to let go of problememotion. SE It’s safe to let go of problememotion. UE Please let go of problememotion. CB Please let go of problememotion. BB I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.

FT Breathe and release. RELEASE! SH I now prefer to feel aligned, inspired and peaceful inside. SH I now prefer to feel aligned, inspired and peaceful inside. SH I now prefer to feel aligned, inspired and peaceful inside. SH I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you. FT Breathe and feel peace. PEACE! That’s better, isn’t it Check the intensity again. Did it drop below 3 That usually means your problem is gone or going fast. If not, simply continue tap along again, free, as often as you need.

At ACrazyCure. Grab Your Unlimited Free Trial of Step 1 It includes valuable tools and tips to help speed your progress. And my Free Report How To Heal Yourself By Aligning The 3 Levels Of Your Mind. That gives you real insight as to how this powerful process works. You’ll discover how Steps 2 3 will help you heal more emotionally complex’ issues. Including chronic pain, serious illnesses, trauma, PTSD, grief, betrayal, depression, OCD and oh, so much more. Such as selfsabotaging behaviours that cause financial, relationship, weight or performance.

Issues. Then, you can dip your toe in the water with a $1 Trial of the complete 3Step EFT System. And choose to continue your healing journey, for mere pennies a day. Listen I applaud you for being openminded enough to explore this. You’re clearly serious about natural healing, right. You’ve followed along with me so far, and felt some relief, yes. So now, won’t you join me, free, at ACrazyCure. What you’ll discover will open your eyes, for sure. So you can finally find the peace you’re looking for.

Back Clinics of Canada Stretch Easing Sciatica Pain

Hi. I’m Doctor Ron Nusbaum, CEO of Back Clinics of Canada. And today we’re going to speak about sciatica. Sciatica is a condition that affects millions of people worldwide. Let’s understand first what sciatica is and then we’ll demonstrate a really helpful stretch that can actually reverse the effects of sciatica in many cases. This is a plastic copy of the spine. The spine is made up of all of these individual bones that we call vertebrae and these pads that we call discs. Now, if you look at the back of the spine.

There is this triangular bone which is called the sacrum. Now, attaching from the inside of the sacrum coming across to the side and attaching to a bump on the femur. That’s the long bone of the leg is a muscle called the piriformis and that’s a Latin word meaning pear shaped muscle Now this muscle is so important because you see the sciatic nerves which come out of the spine either pass over the top of the piriformis pass through the piriformis or pass underneath the piriformis. That makes the piriformis capable of actually irritating that nerve if the piriformis muscle should go into spasm.

It’s one of the causes of sciatica. So we’re now going to demonstrate an excellent stretch that can really help reduce the tension of the piriformis muscle. If that’s the cause of your sciatica, it can actually help you. So you’re gonna try this stretch at home on a yoga mat. Before we do, I would like to advise everyone out there who’s watching please double check with the your spinal expert before you attempt any of these stretches. So we’re going to have you get a yoga mat. You can do that by going to Walmart. You can spend 10 or 15 dollars to obtain one.

We’re going to demonstrate that on our special equipment over here. Jessica’s going to get into her starting position, as you will as well on your hands and knees. Let’s begin that right now. OK, so for the first piriformis stretch we’re going to demonstrate this as if the sciatica is going down the left side. Not the right side, but the left side. How you’ll begin is you’ll take the good knee. You’re going to actually bring it over across behind the bad knee. Now you want to arch the lumbar spine down.

Do that right now and lean into it with your head forward. You’re gonna feel really nice stretch in the buttocks at this point. if you’re doing it correctly. If not, you’ll have to lean into it a little bit more. The goal would be to try and hold this stretch for up to thirty seconds providing it’s not causing pain. Of course you’ll discontinue should you feel any pain. You feel a good stretch there Yeah Great. Let’s get you back into the starting position. Now let’s demonstrate this for everyone watching for what it would.

Look like if you were doing the stretch for the right leg. Now you’re going to take the left knee and bring it behind and now bring your bad knee forward and stretch down. Arch your back and look nice ahead and hold that again up to thirty seconds. Can you feel that Yea Great. You can sit up now. When you complete the stretch I want you to move slowly back into a comfortable position. You probably want to try anywhere from 5 to 10 repetitions of this. and if you can do that without pain.

Lower Back Pain Causes 360 6924264 Adams Chiropractic Silverdale WA HD

If you suffer from lower back pain, your injury may steam from three common causes. I’m doctor Kurt Adams i’ve been in practice here in Kitsap County for 28 years. In this tutorial we’re going to explain these causes and offer you a safe effective nondrug treatment option to help rid you of your pain. The first type of condition we see here commonly are strains and sprains. This is usually caused by lifting and twisting, slips and falls and motor vehicle accidents. Ligaments and muscles have been stretched and torn causing vertebrae to become misaligned or hyper mobile.

We address these problems with with chiropractic adjustments that help realign the joints and improve spinal function. Leading to decreased pain, inflammation and swelling. Our team of Licensed Massage Therapist also help this kind of condition tremendously by addressing these inflamed soft tissues and ligaments. If you are sedentary or sit at a computer for long periods of time this can often lead to a second type of condition we effectively treat which is Sciatica. This is caused by discs bulging onto a large nerve that runs from your lower back down.

The back or side of your leg all the way to your feet. Chiropractic helps this tremendously by improving joint function and alignment. Thereby decreasing disc bulging. We also utilize traction and decompression of the disc that offers patients tremendously amounts of relief. And the last but certainly not least is hip and pelvis pain. This is usually caused by un level legs andor pelvis that can cause un do stresses when we walk. This can often lead to hip, knee and even feet pain. We use a specially designed table that will gently and safely correct these pelvic and.

Leg imbalances. In some cases we will prescribe you heel lifts or custom orthotics to help aid your stabilization. So whether it sprains or strains, sciatic neuralgia caused by bulged discs or hip and pelvic imbalances that effect our stride and the way we walk, chiropractic is often a safe, effective first choice for many of our patients. If you or someone you know are experiencing these problems we would love to help. Call us to schedule and appointment today. When you do, mention this tutorial and you will receive a complementary consultation.

Low Back Pain Part 5 Anatomy of DDD, Spinal Stenosis, Sciatica

Intro music Today, we’re going to talk about one of the most common types of pain. In the US, it’s the second most common reason patients visit their doctor. It’s the number one cause of disability in people under the age of 45, and the third most common disability overall. What kind of pain are we talking about Well, it’s low back pain. Studies show that 7090 of people have an episode of low back pain at some point in their lives. Of those, 80 will have a recurrent episode.

These are staggering statistics for a treatable problem. Why Well, most adults with low back problems seek treatment for their primary symptom. That is, the pain. Unfortunately, you can’t just treat the pain. You have to first identify the source of the pain in order to correctly treat it to prevent a recurrence. Today, we’re going to talk about the common causes or sources of back pain. How they occur, what the symptoms feel like, and what the best treatment option for each problem is. But now, let’s first take a look at the anatomy,.

Or the parts list of your back. When I talk about the anatomy, or parts list of the lumbar spine, I like to talk about four categories. One, two, three, four. First of all, there is a column of bones that are called vertebrae. Column of bones that are called vertebrae. It is the last five bones, or vertebrae that form the low back, or lumbar spine. Secondly, there are some muscles. In fact, there are a set of muscles that attach on either side of this column to this bone, called the ilium bone,.

Which is part of what we call your pelvis. So, there’s a set of muscles here, attaching to this bone, and a set of muscles here, attaching to this bone, that produce some support for this column. The third category is that of the joints. The joints are of three types, first of all, the facets. The facets are joints that connect these vertebrae in the back. Then, there is the sacroiliac joint. The sacroiliac joint, which is this joint here, and here, anchors this column, or low back, to the ilium bone, or pelvis on either side.

Finally, we have the discs. The discs are these shock absorbers that actually anchor these bones or vertebrae in the front. The fourth category is that of the nerves. The nerves comprise the electrical system of the spine, and there are two basic types. There is the spinal cord, and then branches of the spinal cord, that are called the peripheral nerves. The spinal cord travels down the middle of the column, and the branches come out from either side from the spinal cord. In previous shows, we talked about abnormalities.

That cause pain in the muscles. We talked about abnormalities and problems that cause pain in the facets, and the sacroiliac joints. Today, we’re going to talk about problems in the discs and the nerves that can produce back pain. Let’s look at a normal disc and nerve. If we look at the front view of two vertebrae, there’s one stacked up on a second one, like this. Between them is a doughnutshaped structure that’s called the disc. This is a doughnut that sits between them. And it turns out that this is a jelly doughnut,.

So it has some jelly in the middle. Here’s the jelly in the middle. Again, running through the column within the vertebrae is the spinal column. And exiting from that spinal column, or spinal cord, are those branches. Now, let’s look at an degenerative disc, and pinched nerve. Here is the vertebrae. Now you’ll notice that the vertebrae underneath this, sits a little bit closer. Because the doughnut, or disc, has been kind of squished and compressed. In fact, on this end, it’s even ruptured. The jelly, in turn, has squirted out,.

Yoga Twist Workout for Back Pain Sciatica Relief How To Do Half Spinal Yoga Twists

Hi, I’m Manish Pole and this is Neetu Singh, we are part of Total Yoga. In this series of Yoga House tutorials we are looking at Desktop Yoga and specifically what can be done for the back to counter the effects of sitting at the desk for very long. Sit cross legged and holding your knee and the armrest turn around and look at the back. Breathing is normal. After 15 seconds come back to center and cross your leg the other way, lock your elbow, twist and look at the back. Stretch as much as is comfortable for you. Remember that you are.

Are twisting, and don’t turn the chair and think that you are twisting, and say that you body are twisting. For the standing stretch, see that one hand is on the opposite shoulder and holding the hip start to twist the back. Even a simple movement like this goes a long way in ensuring that your central nervous system functions optimally. Change to the other side. Ensure that there is no stiffness in the back, especially if you are sitting 78 hours at your work station. See to it that the back is kept flexed. So in this tutorial.

We saw what could be done in terms of spinal twisting. Most people would start working sitting like this and as the day proceeds they will then end up working on their desktop or laptop like this which means over a course of few years gets extremely unfit. So we’ve seen what we could do with twisting of the spine. In the next tutorial we are going to look at how we can give the other range of motion to the spine. Keep watching Yoga House tutorials. This is Manish and Neetu from Total Yoga signing off.

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