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Athlete w Bulging Disc Low Back Sciatica Pain Gets Relief Lacey Olympia WA David Warwick

Hi i am david warwick of warwick chiropractic in lacey olympia washington and we have david here. David was doing what a lot of people do, including myself. We lift heavy, we hurt ourselves. You did a good job on this one didn’t you? Yes I did. So go heavy or go home is usually the philosophy and when we use those free style weights there is a good chance we are going to knock our lower back or knock a disc out of position and create some bulging herniation on that. He felt the pop in the lower back and we worked on it now for a few.

Visits, at least 3 maybe even 4 visits. i had him seeing a primary doc as well. are you taking the muscle relaxers now a little bit? Did he prescribe any? Naproxen and vicoden. Okay the vicoden is helping you relax a little bit more. So sometimes we even need a little bit of help depending on how bad you injured yourself but when you combine multiple modalities it is very effective. So I am going to take you through. We have got a good pinching of that nerve coming out of maybe L4 L5 but I am thinking more L5 going down the back of.

The leg and to the side and you can feel complete numbness and parethesia on this side. can you feel when I do this right here? Did you feel that? I did feel that. Okay. Right here? Did you feel that? I feel when you start. Then it disappears? So what happens is that nerve pattern that is going on, that nerve is talking to a certain pattern in the skin so now we are going to be looking and working with those lower back nerves, taking the pressure off of them. I am sure there is more than one. We have got a really good start, he is.

Moving, he is bending a little bit, getting more motion back a little bit so let’s start out I want you to start with raising your right leg, don’t bend the knee. Back down, try the other one. Okay, noticeable difference. This is primarily a sacral check. There is a lot of grouping of nerves that come out of there, exactly 10 pair or group of nerves that branch out that can affect down even into the lower back and L5 area. You saw the difference in his ability to raise and not raise that leg. Quite significant so I am.

Going to help bring that sacral bone over a little bit. try raising that leg, right leg. Significantly better. He was pretty locked up. No more going heavy or go home for you. I am adjusting the sacral to the side using the drop piece here. Can you raise that right leg for me. Significant difference already, so he is definitely responding. I am hoping he doesn’t have to go for the MRI but I think we should get it anyway. Do you feel the difference? Yeah. Can you put your right hand on your lower back? We are going to test L5. I don’t.

See a big difference or a change right there. i am going to bring it into position 2. nothing, just a little bit where one leg goes a little bit further. Hand down. So we are going to actually adjust this spine right here. Go ahead left hand lower back. Right leg goes short, goes longer. Hand down, let’s have you lay on your left. Top leg right there, let me do the work. I’ll go easy with you here. We are right at L4. Okay let’s go the opposite direction. So we can either push or pull the vertabrae. Not a lot of release.

In that area, this was the side last time that helped him. that was it, that was even more movement than last time. Face down. Go ahead raise that right leg for me. Big difference. So the communication happens to the leg, happens to the nerves down to the muscles to create that motion or movement. Chiropractors can do it many different ways of assessing it. You can feel for loss of motion, you can feel for heat, you can do muscle testing. If we just want to test that space we can test by having the patient actually do certain movements.

We can push into the area of correction or into misalignment so i am going to begin with some of the traction with him to open up that joint space and help some of that disc get off that nerve. You okay, is that tot much? Nope. So each visit that he was coming in, first couple of visits there was so much swelling and here is what happens when you get injured out there scar tissue starts to lay down in day 3, laying it’s foundation, that is what makes it so difficult. Even in 3 weeks period of time there is a significant amount of change.

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