Ear Acupuncture Sciatic Nerve

Hi im jason from BodyWorx Physiotherapy here today to give you a quick demonstration on dry needling and explain how it can help you with your pain or injury. At BodyWorx Physio we employ dry needling in combination with other physio treatments and we have found its really helpful in managing a lot of peoples pain. The first thing we do with dry needling is we get you in a nice relaxed position relaxed on the bed so you’re not contracting any of the muscles during the treatment. generally this is a fairly painless procedure a lot.

Of clients don’t even notice the needles going in some people describe it as a bindi sensation and once they are in a dull heavy ache. We use single use sterile needles, as do all places in Australia as there is no reason to sterilise and reuse. Now i’ve already cleaned my hands before getting the needles out, they are very fine needles you probably can’t even see them on the screen and they are 0.25mm in thickness. we then find the tight part of the muscle that we want to treat and just a gentle tap in. we will then usually just.

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