Exercise In Sciatica Pain

What is Sciatica

Sciatica is a type of pain that stems from the irritation or inflammation of the sciatic nerve.The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in the human body running from the spinal cord through the buttocks and down each leg any right below the knee.Common symptoms are leg pain tingling and numbness in the leg and feet, and pain throughout the lower back and buttocks.To diagnose a physician will conduct thorough physical exam of the patient to asses’ tenderness over certain areas of the spine along with the monitoring mobility of lower extremities.

Sciatica Treatment Sciatica ka gharelu elaaj Home remedy for Sciatica

Hi friends, in today’s tutorial you will know about home remedy of sciatica very effective home remedy for sciatic nerve pain so let’s know home remedy for sciatica sciatica is very painful disease in this creates pain and stiffness from back to leg it pains from back to thigh towards leg in sciatic nerve sciatic nerve is the longest nerve of body it pains from back to thigh towards leg let’s know how to remove this pain for this, you need four items fresh bark of drum stick root, ajwain, dry ginger and purified asafoetida.

As you can see in pictures this is ajwain this is dry ginger and this is asafoetida fresh bark of drum stick root it called moringa concanesis scientifically it also known as drum stick plant its tree becomes big in years.You can get its root bark by digging if fresh bark not available then you can use dried also.Its fruit used as vegetable you can understand easily through previous picture ajwain and dry ginger you know already, so let’s know now how to purify asafoetida you need to take pure and genuine asafoetida which can be found from trusted herb seller store.

You can get pure asafoetida from trusted seller crush asafoetida in small size and roast on a pan with little ghee roastfry until become brown after being cold make powder now asafoetida is purified and ready to use how to use take fresh root bark of murunga 200 gram and crush and boil in one liter water in slow flame until it remains 125 ml after being cold squeeze and filter it then add ajwain power 500mg, dry ginger powder 500mg and 125 mg purified asafoetida powder mix well and drink empty stomach twice daily morning and evening.

3 Ayurvedic Home Remedies To TREAT SCIATICA NERVE Pain Natural Relief

Hello and welcome, sciatica is a constant pain that travels from you lower back region down to your legs, worry not we have some simple remedies that you can try at home soak a towl in hot water for about minutes squeeze the water out and immediately before it cools apply it on the affected area.Press it for about 5 minutes and repeat this exercise for every 15 to 20 minutes and you will see the difference.Add one tea spoon of turmeric to glass of milk, mix this well and boil it for about.

home remedies for stiff neck best ways to lessen pain

Home remedies for stiff neck sometimes when you wake up in the morning with pain in the neck you are unable to move your head in any direction neck stiffness may cause headache shoulder pain and even pain in the arms the best way to get rid of a sore neck is to try simple home remedies which work really well moving head in your head from left to right for several minutes.This is often the most painful notion you can make when you have a stiff neck but you will.

Better to do this they could cure for stiff neck you can use oils a little gentle massage will help you to lessen the stiff neck this in turn will help reduce the stiffness moreover it will help you sleep better making some pieces of ice and rapid in a polybag now however the stiff part of neck with a small cloth or towel then place the wrapped ice is really useful for stiff neck pain relief hot bath take a hot bath to relax your muscles gently warm some coconut oil.


Welcome to health care at home in our previous episode we were talking about heel pain.According to ayurveda, any kind of pain is considered to be put in vaatvayu air roga category and to rule out vaat rog, aloe vera is the best ingredient.So, if you have pain in heel or anywhere else so, you should firstly take a this much big piece of aloe vera peel it and take out its gel cut the gel into small piece and swallow with the glass of water you will notice, that you will start getting relief in any type of pain.

Similarly, fenugreek seeds works wonder in vaat rog.So make its powder consume 1 spoon fenugreek powder with luke warm water.You will be relived from any kind of pain.Now, what all you can eat use gooseberry as its very good for vaat rog, heel pain eat maximum of tomatoes, cabbage green papaya also works wonders, you can also make its veggie eat cucumber in salad it works wonder in vayu rog, you can also use potato, so use all these items in your eating plan and you will notice that you will start getting relief in heel pain.

Along with this do one more thing, take 1 inch piece of ginger add 1 bunch of mint leaves and 23 piece of dates put them all into mixer make their chutney consume at least 12 spoon of this chutney along with your food you can also add some black salt cumin seeds, as it turned out very delicious.Use this chutney, not only in heel pain in fact you will get relief from any kind of pain.Along with this very good for your body and digestion system.

So, regularly take this chutney with your food make sure that you prepare fresh chutney, instead of making a lot in one go using for 7 days make fresh.Eat fresh and you will notice that you will start getting instant relief in the pain what shouldn’t to be eat to low down the vaat rog, don’t eat deep fried food items avoid, as much as of deed fried food now a days lot of fast food is in culture like pizza, burger etc.Consumption of such items will create problem as it gives you lot of pain in vaat rog.

Stop drinking cold drinks, as they are quite high to increase the problem of vaat rog.Also make sure that you drink at 22 to 3 litre of water throughout the day and remember, drink maximum of water in day time instead of night.Before the sun set drink maximum of water and you will notice that you will start getting relief in any kind of pain let me tell you about a paste, make this apply on your heel as it will give you maximum relief in heel pain.

So, for that take 1 spoon sesame oil add 1 spoon onion juice.Add 14 spoon of ginger lemon juice, now add 1 spoon of turmeric powder mix it.Let it get warm up and cooked on low flame.When its warm, which you can tolerate on your body so, then apply this luke warm solution on the area you have pain on your body.When you will apply this paste, you will feel stretch on your body you will feel like cold warm compress.And you will notice that within half n hour or so you will start getting relief.

Do this remedy for 23 times in a day for 1 week you will get maximum relief in heel pain.Along with this use a powder, to make this powder take 50 gm fenugreek seeds take 50 50 gm of carom and onion seeds roast all of them on the low flame for about 1 mins.After that let it cool down make its powder store this powder in a glass bottle.Now, take 1 spoon of this powder with luke warm water in the morning.You, will notice that you will get relief in any kind of pain including heel pain.

If your stomach is not clear, as its often seen that in vayu rog stomach is not clear, due to this pain occurs.Then take 1 spoon ot this powder add 1 spoon isabgol.Consume this with luke warm water, you will get relief in pain your stomach will also be absolutely clear along with this ashwagandha powder is also very beneficial, now a days its easily available in market.Take spoon ashwagandha powder with a glass of milk and you will notice that not only you will get relief in pain but also it gives internal energy.

Throughout the day you will feel energise.To kill the pain you can make powder of black sesame seeds and take spoon of it add spoon fresh aloe vera gel spoon ginger juice.Post mixing them add some black soil if you manage to get it after adding black soil, heat up all the ingredients.If you think its thick then add some water turn it to liquid form heat up and once its thick in consistency.Then in that warm condition only you have to apply this paste in your problem area.

Apply a thick layer of this paste all over the problem area of your heel after that don’t move for another half n hour.Within half n hour your foot will get good massage and if the pain is due to blood clotting, that clotting will be removed.And you will get relief in heel pain.So, isn’t it the remedies were easy rest our wish is only that you stay healthy, busy, carefree and be with us.To meet us you have to subscribe this channel.Tell to your friends relatives.

Reduce Joint Pain Inflammation Naturally

Hey guys, i’m Axe.I want to talk about all natural ways to reduce pain and inflammation in your body.I’ll tell you, there are four main ways that i’ve found over the years in my own body that i’ve noticed that hey, when i do these things i’ve noticed that my joints feel better.I’m a runner, i’m a triathlete, so oftentimes when i’m doing a lot of the running on the pavement, i can feel some pain in my joints.But when i do these things nutritionally, i can notice a difference.So if you are struggling with arthritis, or fibromyalgia, or any type.

Of joint pain, these are things that may be able to help you.Number one thing you should consider adding in to your diet if you are trying to naturally get rid of pain are proteolytic enzymes.And enzymes like proteolytic enzymes are found in certain types of fruits and vegetables.Bromelain is found in the core of a pineapple.Bromelain naturally reduces inflammation.In fact, a recent study has proven that athletes who have injuries to their acl or sprained ankles, when they were consuming proteolytic enzymes like bromelain, it actually reduced their recovery time by 50.A huge difference,.

Especially if you’re an athlete, or have any type of injury.Proteolytic enzymes like bromelain and papain.Here’s my favorite, by far my favorite proteolytic enzyme supplements.It’s called wobenzym.Wobenzym is incredible, you can find it on draxe, or go to any health food store, they’ll have this product as well.But again, wobenzym has proteolytic enzymes that are great for naturally reducing inflammation.Aside from proteolytic enzymes, number two, is herbs.There are certain types of herbs that naturally reduce inflammation.Number one is turmeric.And turmeric is one of the.

Main ingredients in curry.And what’s in turmeric is called curcumin.It’s been shown to be a natural antiinflammatory.So doing some turmeric daily, also ginger and boswellia are other types of antiinflammatory herbs.But specifically, turmeric and ginger.You know, a lot of times i’ll do a shot of ginger.Ginger juice, or i’ll throw some ginger in some sort of asian cooking dish that i’m making that day.Or just throw audio cut 000213 smoothie.But again there are a lot of ways to get ginger.But again ginger is also a.

Natural antiinflammatory.So turmeric and ginger, two great ways to naturally reduce inflammation.Number three, essential fatty acids, especially omega3 fats.If you naturally want to reduce inflammation and be pain free, get more omega3 fats in your diet.And from a dietary standpoint, eating wildcaught salmon, and mackerel, and other fatty fish, is one of your best options.Also getting some omega3 fats from grassfed beef and pastureraised dairy is great.Along with flax seeds, chia seeds, and walnuts.So flax seeds, chia, seeds, and walnuts, along with grainfed and grassfed dairy and wildcaught fish, great sources of omega3 fats that can.

Help naturally with joint pain.And number four, getting more potassium and electrolytes into your diet.Listen to this principle, sodium brings water and nutrients into your cell, potassium flushes waste water and toxins out of your cell.Americans consume 10x too much sodium and only onetenth of potassium.What does this do it causes your cells to swell up and hold on to water.If you’ve ever noticed you have joint swelling and tissue swelling, well that’s because you have too much sodium and not enough potassium.As you start to consume foods or do cleanses.

Higher in potassium, your body can flush and get rid of even things like cellulite and the extra fluid in your joints.And what i recommend for that is doing a cleanse or drinking a beverage called sueroviv by garden of life or beyond organic.It’s called cultured whey.Cultured whey has been used for over 2000 years to speed up the healing process.People like hippocrates actually used this as a healing beverage long, long ago.So cultured whey is high in potassium.Also coconut water and certain types of fruit.So again doing coconut water on a regular.

Top 3 Exercises for Sciatica and Pinched Nerve

Have you heard of sciatica a lot of people complain about nerve pain down the back of their leg.Usually the cause is within the lower back or pelvis.I’m going to give you 2 stretches today for the sciatic nerve.It is the largest nerve in the body.It runs down the back of the leg and splits into two behind the knee.It runs the whole way to the foot.It can cause shooting pain, numbness, tingling, dead leg feeling or the feeling that your leg is falling asleep.

The first exercise is this.It is called flossing.We are going to sit up nice and straight here.What you are going to do is straighten the affected leg or the leg with pain.Stretch that leg out and look up at the same time.As you are doing this, if you are doing it right and you are doing it on the painful leg, it could actually make the symptoms travel down your leg.That is ok.You are putting a stretch on the nerve.We are going to hold that 5 seconds.Then bend your knee and look down.5 second hold.

Here.5 second hold, 10 times each way.This is called flossing.The next exercise is called a slump stretch.Same idea here, as you are doing this exercise, you could experience increased symptoms down the leg and that is ok.Outside of the flossing or this exercise, no other exercise should increase the pain travelling down the leg.Everything else should actually decrease the pain in the leg and you will experience more pain in your lower back.What we do is this feet against the wall, knees straight, fingers interlocked behind the head.Then you are going to.

Slump forward.So bring your elbows in.There you go.This should cause pretty sharp symptoms down the back of your leg.It is called the slump stretch and it is ok to feel increased pain down the back of the leg.We hold this for 30 seconds and we do 3 of them in the .Now if that is too difficult, if that is too advanced, here is what you can do place your arms behind you and sit up and arch your back.What you want to try to do is if that is too much for you, if that is too intense, you can place your arms.

Behind your back and simply arch your back.Rock your pelvis forward.That will do the same exact thing but it is a little less intense than interlocking your fingers behind your neck and leaning forward.This is a little more basic.So you can modify.The same idea though 30 seconds, 3 times.If you can at least get yourself to sit up straight with the legs straight, feet flat against the wall, you are in good shape.The third exercise you should do for sciatica or symptoms running down your leg is this.

Realize that with symptoms travelling down your leg, often there isnt a problem within the leg.The problem is within the lower back or the pelvis.The sciatic nerve, the nerve roots where it originates is in your lower back.If you are getting pressure on the nerve roots there either from disc degeneration, from a herniated disc or, as is also common, a problem within the pelvis and the sacroiliac joint.If you have a problem there that is putting increased pressure on the nerve, that is what creates the symptoms in your leg.

You can think about it like this if you have a long garden hose and there is water running through it and you pinch one end, obviously at the other end you are going to have less water flow.Same idea in your body.If you pinch that sciatic nerve, that is what creates the symptoms.That is what changes what you are feeling down your leg.The solution isn’t to continually address the problems in your leg.Or to put heat on your leg or ice on your leg.The solution is to relieve the pressure on the other end of the.


Welcome to health care at home one of our viewer ms.Kavita bhavnaani.She has emailed us she has written about her heel pain and very much disturb due to this pain.Ms.Kavita firstly its necessary to know that why this pain is going on there are lots of reason of heel pain but one of the main reason is high heels, due to wearing high heel sandals , heels pain occurs.What is the way out of to not to wear high heels but its not a practical remedy , as in many of girls won’t agree to not to wear high heels.

So, whenever you are wearing high heels whenever you take off your heels take off your heels stretch your foot, stretch the portion of heel like this again take forward and then back so do this for almost times.Similarly do this on the sides also then take a round.First in one direction then in anther direction.Do this remedy before or after wearing sandals as you said that this pain reaches over your shanks it comes because your foot is mainly left in one posture.Second major reason behind heel pain is wearing too much of tight clothes.

So, due to wearing tight cloth blood circulation gets stop due to this also heel pain can occur.So, what you have to do so whenever you are wearing tight cloth, firstly you should avoid but in case you are wearing if you feel pain in heels, then massage on your foot so that you get proper blood circulation.So that the entire foot should get proper blood flow.So do massage well also do hot cold compression as it also gives good blood circulation.And how to to do coldhot compress that i will tell you further.

Third reason behind heel pain is obesity.If you are overweight then it may cause heel pain to you.So, for this we have done so many episodes on weight loss, follow those remedies reduce your weight.Due to diabetes also heel pain can occur so, we have done so many episodes on diabetes, follow those remedies get control on your sugar heel pain.Apart from that if you are taking pills for sleep then it might be the reason behind heel pain so, if you are consuming then stop it.

Instead take some nut meg grind it and mix it in some milk.Consume this mixture at the time of sleep , you will surely have a sound nap.To extent this remedy put some mustard oil dropsin your navel generously massage the lower part of your feet, then sleep and you will get a sound sleep for sure.Apart from all this if you are taking any hormonal tablet, which actually disturbs your hormone.And that may be the reason behind you heel pain.So avoid these tablets as much as its possible for you.

Along with this sometime due to sprain also heel pain occurs if you have sprain and now having pain in heel then take spoon turmeric powder and add spoon of calcium oxide powder now add spoon of water and mix it and heat it once its turned out light red in colour in the temperature which your body can tolerate then apply this paste, you will get relief in your heel if that is due to sprain.Along with this if your feet bone is extended or due to less skin on heel are the reasons behind heel pain.

Standing on one place for long hours can be the reason behind heel pain.Of, if some body is only eating and resting and has no foot activity that can be the reason behind heel pain.So, what you have to do don’t stand continuous on one place for long hours instead do some walk.Let your feet active instead of dull.So whenever you are back home then you must do the exercise as i suggested you in beginning.You will notice that you will start getting relief in heel pain.

Now, as you said that you have heel pain the first thing you should do is.Take hot cold compress.With hotcold compression your blood circulates properly and pain will be stop, if it was due to to blood clotting.Now, how to to hocold compress take bucket warm water.Water should warm as per your body tolerance add spoon spoon salt in it.Preferable rock salt.Mix the salt and ready the water.And take cold water in another bucket.Put both the buckets in front of you.Sit on any stool.Drink a glass of water firstly.

After drinking water, wet your head.After that firstly dip your feet in warm water let it stay for 5 mins then take off and dip your feet in cold water for around 2 mins.Repeat this process do this for half n hour.You will notice that you will start getting relief in heel pain.Let me tell you another effective remedy, which you have to to do at the time of sleeping.Take 1 spoon aloe vera gel 1 spoon turmeric powder.Add 1 spoon ammonium chloride, which is easily available in market.So get all these 3 ingredients mixed.

It would be better if you take fresh aloe vera gel put all of them in a vessel turn to heat on the low flame.Aloe vera gel will start releasing its moisture while heat up then mix it will turned out as a paste.Take it off on a cotton cloth then apply this warm paste on your problem area.Either you can apply the thick paste, or you can wrap a bandage after apply this paste duly covered with cotton.Use this remedy at the time of sleeping as in after that you can’t move.

Do this remedy for 1 month you will notice that your heel pain will be ruled out from its roots.Now, if you have pain anywhere in your body, specifically in heel then what you should eat and what shouldn’t that all i will share in my next episode along with some very effective remedies.Rest our wish is only that you stay healthy, busy, carefree and be with us.To meet us you have to subscribe this channel.Tell to your friends relatives to subscribe this channel.Get the health benefits by sitting at home.

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