Exercises For Sciatica From Bulging Disc

Hi Friends, in today’s tutorial you will know about home remedy of sciatica very effective home remedy for sciatic nerve pain So let’s know home remedy for sciatica Sciatica is very painful disease In this creates pain and stiffness from back to leg It pains from back to thigh towards leg in sciatic nerve Sciatic Nerve is the longest nerve of body

It pains from back to thigh towards leg Let’s know how to remove this pain For this, you need four items Fresh bark of Drum Stick root, Ajwain, Dry Ginger and purified Asafoetida As you can see in pictures this is Ajwain This is dry ginger And this is Asafoetida Fresh bark of Drum Stick root It called Moringa Concanesis scientifically

it also known as drum stick plant Its tree becomes big in years. You can get its root bark by digging (If fresh bark not available then you can use dried also). Its fruit used as vegetable you can understand easily through previous picture Ajwain and dry ginger you know already, so let’s know now How to purify Asafoetida – You need to take pure and genuine Asafoetida which can be found from trusted herb seller store

You can get pure Asafoetida from trusted seller Crush asafoetida in small size and roast on a pan with little ghee Roast/fry until become brown after being cold make powder Now Asafoetida is purified and ready to use How to use? Take fresh root bark of Murunga 200 gram and crush and boil in one liter water in slow flame until it remains 125 ml

After being cold squeeze and filter it Then add Ajwain power 500mg, dry ginger powder 500mg and 125 mg purified asafoetida powder mix well and drink empty stomach twice daily morning and evening. It relieves sciatic nerve pain only in three days Continue use removes Sciatica properly, this is sure shot 100% effective formula It works better than any allopathic injection This is also useful in gout, arthritis, paralysis etc.

During usage of this formula avoid food which increases pain Any question, doubt or concern? Please ask through comment Thank you very much Please like and share this tutorial And SUBSCRIBE for new tutorials.

Exercises for sciatica herniated or slipped disc

EXERCISES FOR SCIATICA HERNIATED OR SLIPPED DISC I’m Sammy Margo.I’m a chartered physiotherapist. Today I’m going to talk to youabout exercises for a herniated or slipped disc. But first we need to understand a littlebit about the anatomy of the spine and where the disc is. So, this being the spine,this is the skull.

This is the pelvis. These are the vertebrae. The yellow things are nerves that arein between each one of the vertebrae. These are the discs which are like washers in betweeneach one of the vertebrae. What happens with a herniated disc is the disc material comes outa little bit. It puts pressureon the surrounding area.

It can be just locally or on the nerve.If it’s on the nerve, it may well cause pain down the leg,sciatica, into the buttock,into the back of the thigh, or into the calf and even into the foot. The main aim is to take the pressureoff the nerve and help reduce the inflammation. We’re looking to give this area spaceso that it can breathe. First I’m going to show you somepositions of comfort you can get into

to help alleviate the painfrom a herniated disc. Come along onto your tummy, please. And if you can, lie on your tummy. If you do have this problem, you mightnot get into this position so easily. Lie yourself down flat. Head down. In so doing,we’re opening up the low back. That will allow things to settle down. This can help alleviate painin this area,

in the buttock, in the hamstring,in the calf and in the foot. The main aim is to take the pressureoff this area. Lying in this position for a whilecan help settle down your symptoms. It’s quite trickyto get into and out of, but it’s a position worth doing. Moving onto the next position, can youcome and lie on your side, please? Lying on your side can sometimes helpalleviate the discomfort. Again, you might not be able to moveinto that position that easily.

It’s quite often your problem sideis uppermost. Can you bend your kneesa little bit more? Both of them? We’re getting into a foetal positionwhich again gaps the area. I’m placing a pillow between your knees, particularly for those of youwith an hourglass figure. That can help settle things down and allow the spine to bein a more comfortable position. Just lying facing that way. OK?

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