Foam Roller Stretches For Sciatica

Foam Rolling the Glutes Ep42

Hey guys, in this tutorial I’m going to show you how to foam roll your glutes. It seems like people have found my previous foam rolling tutorials helpful, which is great to hear! I’ll leave a link to the foam rolling playlist in the description here on YouTube! One of the most frequent requests I get is for me to make a tutorial on foam rolling the glutes. those butt muscles. So here goes! Ok, so you’re going to need a foam roller. I like this guy because it’s pretty firm. You may have noticed that some can be a little more soft, which doesn’t really hit the.

Spot for me personally. You can also experiment with using a lacrosse ball, or a medicine ball if you feel you need a little more pointloading. Let’s start out with you sitting on the foam roller, then leaning back and placing your hand on the ground, the same side as the hip that you’re wanting to roll. From there I want to get you working with some long slow movements from top to bottom of your buttock region, and back up. You can do this from the back to the side of your glutes, making sure you hit the different areas. For example as you come more to the side, you hit gluteus medius, where as when you’re.

More toward the back of your butt, you’re working on gluteus maximus. As you’re spending one to two minutes performing this up and down motion, feel for any particularly tender areas. We’ll come back and work on these later. You may want to bring your ankle onto the other knee to externally rotate and flex the hip, which will help you target the little piriformis muscle of the hip, which also tends to get quite tight. Once you’ve spent a couple of minutes with this, come back to any of the tender points and rather than making long up and down strokes, I want you to make very small side to side.

Oscillations on this area that feels like a knot or trigger point. This will feel quite intense focus on your breathing breathe in, then breathe out as you apply the pressure. Try spending 2030 seconds on each of these areas. Of course, be sure to repeat on both sides, and feel free to combine these foam rolling techniques with some gently stretching. Let me know how you get on with foam rolling the glutes. Tell me in the comments here on YouTube. Speak to you soon,.

Bye now!.

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