Lower Back Pain Going Down Left Leg

This is Kyle from strongyogi and today we’re going to be talking about back tightness and how to loosen up some of your lower back muscles. A lot of lower back issues will actually come from tight hamstrings as well as tight hip flexors. What that does is causes your pelvis to tilt and pulls down your lower back and your erector muscles. This causes you to have tightness and then spasms. So what we want to do is get your pelvis in it’s normal position while making sure you have balance between your abdominals and the erector muscles in your posterior chain.

Stretch 1 Hamstring Stretch So, first things first, most of you will be sitting in chairs. Let’s say you’re sitting on a chair at work and your back starts to feel a little sore, stick your leg out, reach down touching your toe, ankle or knee depending on how tight your hamstrings are. You should feel this pull in the back portion of your leg hamstrings. Stretch and hold for 1015 seconds. Then, repeat with the other leg as well. You can do this periodically throughout the day as this well help to loosen up your hamstrings.

And allow you to take a break from work as well. Maintaining a Neutral Spine In order to prevent lower back pain, it is very important to keep your torso upright as much as possible. This will help to alleviate a lot of issues with your lower back. You want to make sure your spine is in a neutral position. It takes the least amount of effort for your body to maintain this position. If you start slouching down, you stretch your back as you can see and your shoulders start.

Simple Stretches for Lower Back Pain From Sitting Too Much

To come forward. This can cause weakness in your back. So make sure you are sitting upright on your desk. That along with the hamstring stretch can solve a lot of back issues. Stretch 2 For Tight Hips A lot of people have tight hips. So a nice easy one is to place one leg on top of the other and push down on top of your knee. You should feel this right along the butt muscles. What this will help to do is to loosen your hip which is all one big chain along with your back posterior chain. Hold this stretch.

For 1015 seconds and then with the other leg. As you get more and more flexible, you will be able to push down on your knee more and open up those hips a little bit more. Stretch 3 Cat Camel The last two stretches I’m going to show you today are going to be for active release once you’re at home or at the gym. The first one, some of you may have done, it is called the catcamel pose. This will teach you to control your spine and your abdomen. So you.

Are going to take a four point stance where your hands are underneath your shoulders. You are going to keep a neutral spine position. What you are going to do is fall forward pulling your abdomen down towards the mat and shrinking down as low as you can. Then you are going to tuck your chin underneath, push your back up as high as you can in a nice hunched position and then pulling back down. Hold for a count of 5. Then, back up. Hold for a count of five. Repeat that 3 times and.

This can help to alleviate a lot of your lower back issues. It just helps to mobilize a lot of the erector muscles in the lower back and it also helps you to gain better motor control of your abdomen and core area. Stretch 4 Rolling back and forward The last one I find helps a lot of people with their back pain fairly quickly without any sort of advance knowledge. What you do is lay on your back, bring one knee up, then the other knee up. If you are a little bit tight, you might have to grab your shins instead.

Cross your fingers and interlock them so you are curled up like a ball. All you are going to do is to roll backward and forward. This helps to elongate your spinal muscles. Then afterwards you just want to lie down and stretch out and try and get yourself in that neutral spine position. There should be room behind your back to place your hand. If you are finding that you can’t put your hands underneath, try to bring yourself up. It just means that your erectors are overly stretched. So these are some simple stretching exercises you can do to have a painfree back. Make.

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