Lower Back Pain In Teenage Girl

GABI SHULL: This surgery has allowed me to do so much more than I expected, and I wouldnever go back and change it. COMM: 14yearold Gabi Shull looks like any other dancer in her class. But at the ageof 9, she had her right leg amputated at the knee, after being diagnosed with bone cancer. GABI SHULL: Whenever I knew I was going to get my leg amputated, well the first goalwas to get walking and just get out of the bed. But what motivated me to walkwas dancing again.

COMM: Thanks to rotationplasty surgery, Gabi has been able to get back on her feet. GABI SHULL: So the surgery rotationplasty, what they did is they removed my cancer, whichwas in my lower femurknee and they removed my whole knee and took my lower tibia androtated it 180 degrees backwards and reattached it to my upper thigh area. And now my ankleacts as a knee joint, it lets me do things that I might not have been able to do with other surgeries like dancing or cheering, rock climbing, ice skating.

KRISTEN KEMP: I knew Gabi before she had cancer and watching her go through this journey, and to become the amazing dancer she is, has been really amazing! COMM: Gabi first realised there was a problem after a skating accident. GABI SHULL: I went iceskating with one of my friends and I feel and hurt my knee and had an MRI and that’s when they found the cancer. DEBBIE SHULL: We went to the and he told us the news. He said, “Your daughterhas what we think could be cancer, a type of cancer called osteosarcoma.â€� We wereshocked, he had to repeat what he said because

I didn’t believe him, I didn’t think myears heard him correctly. She asked, “Why, why does this happen to me?â€� And we said,“You know, sometimes bad things happen to good people. We don’t know why, but we justhave to do our best to get through it.â€� And, that’s what we did. COMM: The recovery process was difficult. But a year after surgery, Gabi was able totake her first steps. GABI SHULL: It took several PT sessions just getting the motion back in my ankle and takingmy first steps without any assistance no

walker, crutches, and then a year after thatI was dancing again on stage. COMM: Now she is dancing competitively again. MAGGIC HARTMAN: Gabi never really sees anything as an obstacle, she doesn’t turn down achallenge or say that she can’t do anything. SYDNEY BEARD AND LEAH LANDWEHR: When I think of Gabi, I think that she’s really strongand inspirational. DEBBIE SHULL: We all are extremely proud of Gabi for everything achieved, because she’sdone so much more than anybody’s ever expected.

COMM: Gabi currently volunteers for a children’s cancer charity and hopes to continue to helpchildren with cancer in the future. GABI SHULL: I do work with ‘The Truth 365′, which is an organisation to help raise awarenessfor child cancer and I’m their national spokesperson. When I’m older, I would liketo be a paediatric oncologist or a nurse. Or one of the scientists that finds a curefor cancer. If I could beat cancer and have a prosthetic leg and learn to do everythingagain than I can do anything.

Yoga for Lower Back Pain Cat Cow Yoga Pose for Lower Back Pain

This next pose is actually a progression fromcat cow into child’s pose and a low cobra. It is working on bringing just more movementinto the lower part of the spine, sort of breaking up tension in the soas and a littlebit in the hamstrings. As we go through this just remember to flow with your breath. Letyour breath be the impetus for every movement that you make. So we start out on our handsand knees with the wrists directly under the shoulders and the knees directly under thehips with a neutral spine which means that you are going to try to engage your abs justenough to pull a little bit of the curve out of the lumbar spine instead of being herefor our neutral spine or here so that the

crown of my head and my tail bone are actuallyin more of the same plane. From here we start our cat cows. You are going to inhale anddrop the belly toward the floor, raise the heart, think of it as raising the heart, notas necessarily looking up and you are going to spin the sits bones towards the ceilingall at the same time so this is your inhale which is cow and then on your exhale you aregoing to use the belly, you are going to pull the naval up toward the spine, bring the headand the pelvis closer together and you are going to lift the space between your shoulderblades as you exhale so inhale, cow, lifting the heart, dropping the belly, exhale, cat,engaging the belly and lifting the space between

the shoulder blades, inhaling and exhaling,inhaling and exhaling. So you are going to stick with these for about one minute andthen when you are ready you are going to start to come into a child’s pose from your catso if we go inhale, cow, exhale, cat, leave the fingers right where they are and justsit back on your heels to come into child’s pose, bring your forehead to the floor, keepreaching the fingertips forward as you sit your tail bone back. So this would be yourfull exhale all the way to this child’s pose with the arms extended and then as you inhaleyou’re going to just lift your gaze, look between the thumbs, keep your elbows in, don’tlet them come out and scoop along the floor

so lay your hips down and just gently usingthe strength of your back, not pushing up with your arms you are going to lift the heartand then from here again keeping your elbows in you push back up to your neutral positionso the whole exercise from your cat cow you are moving here and then when you are comfortableyou are going exhale all the way to child’s pose, inhale all the way to cobra and comeback to your neutral spot as you exhale, inhale, exhale, inhale and exhale. When you are donethere just come back to hero’s pose and come back to center for your next posture.

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