Lower Back Pain Right Side During Pregnancy

What should I do if I feel lower right abdominal pain during pregnancy If you are in your second trimester, this may be caused by a ligament around the uterus. It helps support the uterus, which is stretching and growing. So I’ve pulled a ligament without doing anything. It has been tightened and stretched by the growing baby. Any sudden pulls to it or the kid literally kicking it causes you pain. I can’t imagine how I’d suddenly pull it. You pull that ligament when you stand up quickly, but you could pull it just rolling over in.

Bed. Talk about a literal pain in the butt, well, groin. The pain should only last a few seconds. That’s too fast for pain relievers to be any use. But it happens so often that it is definitely a pain. You can do stretches so that any sudden movement won’t strain it to the point of pain. Or flex your hips before you cough and laugh so that won’t strain it. I never would have thought a belly laugh could literally hurt you. You can treat it with a heating pad. Though if the pain keeps recurring or lasts more.

Than a few minutes you need to call the doctor. I just hate the regular pain when I get up and walk around. If it hurts when you walk or is really bad, it could be something a lot worse. Like what It could be appendicitis, a hernia or an infection like a urinary tract infection. Any long term pain should land you in the doctor’s office. It’s just a muscle strain. If it happens frequently, it might actually be early labor or a miscarriage. At which point, I need to be in front of the doctor again.

Lower Right Abdominal Pain During Pregnancy

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