Lupus Sciatica Symptoms

Start a blog or journal. This way you can write about what you are going through. It helps me to write down my feelings and works as an outlet to my emotions. Try distracting yourself. This can be by watching a movie, reading a book, or doing something else you really enjoy. Try reaching out for support. You can do this by finding a support group or connecting with people online that are going through the same thing as you. This helps in making me feel less alone in knowing that other people are going.

Through the same thing or something similar to what I’m going through. Try to find relaxation techniques that work best for you. Some things that seem to help me relax are lighting a candle, drinking tea, listening to music, applying a heating pad, stretching, using breathing techniques, andor taking a hot shower. Exercise. Any form of exercise seems to really help me feel good, even if it’s a short walk. I just need to remember to listen to my body and make sure that I take it slow, all depending on how I feel that day.

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