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Dr. Stork We’re bringing you the latest ways to end migraines, banish blemishes and live longer by catching problems early on. Next up migrainesRachel is desperate for help. Rachel Hi doctorsfor the past two years I’ve had horrible migraines. My head hurts 24 hours a day, nonstop and it feels like my brain is exploding inside my head. I can’t go anywhere with my friends because bright lights and loud noises make it so much worse. I tried all kinds of medications but nothing seems to help. Please help me. Dr. Stork If you never had oneeveryone wonders what is a migraine feel like Millions of.

People suffer from the pain and it can be so excruciating people literally say it feels like is smashing their skull into a million pieces. We love demos on this show. Imagine you were dealing with a migraine headacheit literally does feel like someone is smashing your skull. It is so painful and throbbing that a lot of times when people are suffering from a migraine headache they can do nothing but lay in a dark room and hope the pain goes away. Now, what causes a migraine headache There are a lot of different theories but the one thing we do know is there a lot of different.

Triggers. It can be lights, it can be smellseven certain foodsthe weather can bring on migraine headaches for certain people. Again, different theoriesone is that the trigeminal pathwaynerves get excitedthey release a lot of chemicalssubstance Phas an effect on your blood vessels that line your brain.. What it does is it causes these blood vessels to dilate and what that does is it sends these throbbing pain signals that cause the symptoms of a migraine headache that can be so debilitatingbut luckily there’s a new procedure and it’s offering hope to many migraine sufferers just like Rachel and our cameras followed her into the.

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OR as surgeons implanted a small electrical pulse device into her head. Dr. Reed Ok, we are going to make small incisions in her head here and we’re going to put in four leadstwo in the fronttwo in the back. When the unit is turned on it generates a mild electromagnetic field that will stimulate these nerves that will ease her headaches. We always anchor these leads to the deep tissue so they don’t move. Now we’re placing what we call the introducer. It’s just a little hollow plastic tubewe pass this directly under her skin to just right in the middle of her nose. This one’s.

Going in directly above and parallel to her right eyebrownow we’re going to pass it over to the right ear and then pass it down and connect up to where the battery is. What I’m holding in my hand are the in points of the two leads that we place over her forehead one above each eyebrow. We’ll end up having four of these wire leads coming from two from the front, two from the rear. What we have here is we have an incision in the upper outer gluteal region and this is the battery we implant. This will go in a.

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