Nerve Pain Knee Cap

This technique is for general knee pain, this may be caused by tendonitis, bursitis, or instability and this is how we tape for it. For the first segment of this application I am going to have you straighten your knee down and tear an Istrip off that roll and tear that paper in the middle of the tape, and when we stretch this middle portion we are going to stretch it nice and evenly and where I would like you to place that tape is just below the bottom part of the kneecap, or the inferior pole of the patella so over this tendon right here.

Full tension, go ahead and lay the ends down like you are going to come up the side of the knee and go ahead and pinch that off and rub that on well. From there bend the knee up to about 90 degrees and just lay those tails down without any tension on the tails. Go ahead and leave that knee bent up, and she will create a little friction with that paper to make sure that glue adheres. Take another Istrip, and this time you are going to tear the anchor down by the logo end of the tape.

And we are going to place that about an inch or so below that first application, and before you lay that down make sure that the tape is going to angle right on the side of your knee right on the side of the joint there. Make sure that anchor is rubbed on good no tension on that anchor. Make sure that anchor is rubbed on good no tension on that anchor. Peeling that paper back, leaving yourself about an inch at the end to hold onto you’re going to want to make sure you are not making contact with the adhesive with your hands.

KT Tape Full Knee Support

And you are going to bring that up trying to make as much contact with skin as we can, and laying that tape down rub that on. The last inch or two we are going to just peel off the paper and lay that down without any tension. Again a little friction with the paper make sure that glue adheres. Now we are going to tear one more Istrip and you are going to tear off the anchor end down by the logo on the tape. This time we are going to do a very similar technique to that second strip just kind of a mirror image.

So we are just anchoring below the knee to the outside of the shin peeling that paper off, pulling as you come across the side of the knee fairly good tension on that tape, but just as you get above that knee let’s go ahead and stop pulling tension and just lay the very end of the tape down with no tension. And using that paper the waxy side, we are going to rub that tape on really good. That knee bends quite a bit with activity we want to make sure that tape is adhering very well.

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