Nerve Pain Post C Section

The marina del rey health cast, featuring the s of marina del rey . Alright, Watkins, a lot of people have questions for you, want to get your opinions on back problems, let’s go out to the phones Adriane you’re next, now with Watkins. About 16 years ago, I had an emergency csection, and they gave me an epidural. Ever since then, whenever I bend down I get stuck. And now the pain has began to radiate down my right leg.

I’m wondering what i can do about that? That’s a great question. I’ve had patience with similar complaints and experiences. As far as getting the epidural and if anything happened at the time the epidural, are just having the medicine infused. If that cause some type of injury that your persisting to have, there unfortunately there’s not a lot that can be done after that. However your pain may be coming from something else.

It may be coming from the disc, some iritation of the nerve, overgrowth of the facet joint I see people all day long with back and leg pain, that slowly gets worses the years go on and, so, getting generally we start with plain xrays to see with the structural alignment looks like. And then we get an MRI to see with the soft tissue looks like. Is there a disc pushing on a nerve. Is there any irritability of your nerve roots which form the sciatic nerve?.

Is the key part to know what the diagnosis is? What’s the source of the pain? And what the potential treatment is? Generally, our treatment for back and leg pain is any oral medications to decrease the inflammation, potentially doing a epidural injection now. Epidural injections that I do for pain relief, are different than epidural that are done for labor and delivery. The epidurals for labor and delivery are basically block out all the nerves in your legs, so, you don’t feel anything.

The epidurals that i do, basically are like a cortisone shot It’s an antiinflammatory steroid to decrease inflammation and they generally last for a couple months. Whereas the epidurals for labor and delivery, only act, are very immediate, and just act for that time. So, the space they’re injected to, is the same. They’re both the epidural space, which means around the nerves. But it’s different medicines we’re injecting for 2 totally different purposes.

So, the treatment for you would be one, number 1, make the diagnosis. Number 2. decrease some of the pain and inflammation, and then get you in the physical therapy. And if we get your core muscles strong and take some stress off your disc and of the back, we maybe’ll to decrease the back and leg pain that you’re experiencing. And that’s generally the most effective treatment. Obviously if the MRI shows a disc pushing on a nerv, or some overgrowth, and some real nerve impingement,.

There’s always an option for surgery. But realistically I’d say, we only operate on 10 to 20% of all the patients we see. 80 to 90% of the patients we see, we treat nonoperatively. And that goes with, for professional athlete and everyday people. We see so many professional athletes every year, that almost, almost all of them, we treat nonoperatively. It’s pretty rare we actually operate on people.

So, most people we can treat nonoperatively,. But making the diagnosis is the first step. Adriane thank you for your call! Thanks Watkins! The Marina Del Rey Health Casts, featuring the s of Marina Del Rey . For more information on any of the topics discussed, please call The Marina Del Rey Helpline at 85551SPINE, or go to marina .

Sciatic Nerve Pain During Pregnancy

I need your advice regarding sciatic nerve pain during pregnancy. Pregnancy makes any sciatic nerve problems you have worse as it does carpal tunnel syndrome. I dont have carpal tunnel syndrome. The extra liters of fluids sloshing around your body lead to extra pressure in the joints, whether your wrists or your ankles, which can put pressure on every nerve. That doesnt help me do much about it.

Drink more water and fewer dehydrating drinks like caffeinated soda or coffee so reduce the amount of water retention. That sounds counter intuitive. Then theres the same advice they have for when your feet hurt due to fluid build up; put your feet up. Do you realize the sciatic nerve is in the back?.

It usually takes the form of leg pain caused by the sciatic nerve getting pinched. Laying on your side to avoid putting pressure on it is one alternative. I dont think thats enough. If the sciatic pain is due to a herniated disk, you have to meet with a regarding your options, because the strain on the back is only going to grow along with the baby. Ive never been diagnosed with a herniated disk.

There are some people who use a chiropractor for treatment of sciatica. It is a little hard for me to fit on the table with this growing load up front. The same tables with holes on them that let pregnant women get a massage laying flat on their stomach are available to chiropractors; you simply need to find someone who has one of them. And the skills and expertise to not make things worse.

Ive heard of acupuncture used as a source of pain relief. And it is one of the safer ones since you cant take a lot of pain relievers when pregnant. Safe only if you consider getting needles safe. We talked about how you can lay down to avoid putting more pressure on the nerve. You may also do it to rest the muscles that may be strained and mistaken for sciatica.

I know what sciatica is; ive had flare ups before. Then you may need to work on building core muscles and flexibility of various joints. This is exactly the wrong time to work on a strength building routine. Whether yoga or physical therapy, it could reduce the muscle pain and spasms as well as the muscle relaxants you arent supposed to take right now. There are other injections they can try.

And how much of that isnt allowed because of the risks when youre pregnant? And you certainly dont want to try the surgeries they offer to treat sciatica. Im trying to avoid a Csection. Regular exercise to reduce the strain and pain are recommended, as long as it is the right type. Ive already been told not to turn and lift or twist because carrying the baby is workout.

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