Nerve Pain With Ms

When I first found out I had MS I was at the park. My kids were three and four, and all of a sudden I lost my speech. I started not being able to walk and then my vision started becoming problematic. Started using a cane about three or four years after my early symptoms because I couldn’t maintain balance. I had to go into a wheelchair. I really fought that. Did not want to go there! Who wants to go into a chair So I’m only in my fifties now.

The idea of having a happy retirement with the person you love has out the window for me really. There are no new treatments on the horizon for me I see things about relapsing remitting MS all the time in the news and new treatments that are coming up and new trials for different drugs but there doesn’t seem to be anything at all for progressive MS. People who have progressive MS feel they’re walking down a long, dark corridor. I have seen some younger kids they have what I have only it goes way faster for them,.

Maybe you get it at 18, 21 you’re in a wheelchair, 26 you’re not here! I mean, please! If they can do something about this. Get Get to it fast! At the moment the biggest challenge in finding treatments for progressive MS is the lack of complete understanding of the biology that underlies, or the mechanisms that underlie progression of disability. The understanding at the moment of relapses is much more complete and we have treatments that increasingly are able to limit relapses but to better target progression first order of business will be to understand what causes it.

Progressive MS A global picture

And we are still at a very iterative phase where we’re trying to develop treatments that we think may work, trying to figure out how to measure whether they work or not and in the process still trying to get greater insights into what actually underlies the pathology I would like everybody to come together and work together. Pool all their resources use all the expertise that they have whether it be with neurologists, physiotherapist, psychologist and all work together rather than following just one route for each country. I’d ask anybody watching this film.

To give whatever they can to help get on top of this condition. The Progressive MS Alliance has brought together the world’s leading experts to identify where the gaps and barriers are to solving this disease. Now we’re executing an ambitious plan to make it happen connecting the world to end progressive MS. And this is how. Through a comprehensive application process, innovative science is being funded worldwide. We will connect this new knowledge to current research. We are learning faster. However, currently there are no experimental models that mimic the progression of MS.

There is an urgent need for better experimental models that reproduce the key clinical and pathological features. This is a major barrier to advancing diagnosis, therapy and treatment. Dr Alan Thompson Research is key, it’s fundamental and it is absolutely critical when you’ve got a complex problem and understanding progression is about as complicated as it gets in multiple sclerosis so collaboration is essential. Bringing the best brains of the world together to focus on this issue. Dr Karen Lee When a discovery is made we’re moving quickly to conduct trials and promising new agents.

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