Neurological Causes Of Sciatica

So what did you have in the beginning I know you came to me with all kinds of neurological stuff that the neurologist couldn’t figure out on you. Yea, lot’s of neurological. Some spasticity in the legs and limbs. And we also had loss of. Walk sometimes. It would stiffen up. It still does that every now and then, but not as much. Is it the same intensity I mean there are times I got you down. No it’s not the same intensity. I can at least stand still if I need to.If I’m losing the motion in my legs. I can actually stand still.

Long enough to recover. But I don’t just collapse on the ground. There were times that I would just sink onto the ground. That was just weird. It didn’t hurt and I didn’t trip or fall. It wasn’t a quick fall. It was just a very slow, down you went or were going down. So, those went away. That was nice. There was also.I was sleeping a lot. Very tired, a lot of fatigue.Lot’s of fatigue. So much fatigue. Sometimes I’d get up in the morning and it was a choice between either getting a shower and getting ready for the day or.

Actually getting something done for the morning and getting ready for the day and then take a nap. And then get up a little and take another nap in the afternoon. And that was including eight to ten hours or more of sleep per night plus two naps a day. So now I don’t do any naps except for maybe on Sunday. A Sunday afternoon nap. Or occasionally if I was up late working on something. Life wise and functionability is much better, much better. Now I’m working on a PhD. I could not have done that kind of rigorous amount of work that needs to be.

Causes of Unexplained Neurological Problems.Tethered Cord Syndrome.Ability to Think Clearly

Done. There’s just no way I could have done that before. It’s been a big blessing, big blessing. Prior to this you were basically disabled. And I still have a disabled parking pass. I had no life. I worked part time and that was about all I could do was just get through a day. And it got bad enough that we had no clue. We went to the neurologist and they checked everything out and everything seemed normal. They couldn’t find anything. They checked for Multiple Sclerosis, Lou Gehrig’s and several other things like that and couldn’t.

Find anything. And chemical imbalances, we checked for those and didn’t seem to be much. There was some salt, low sodium so I had to dad was on a low sodium diet. I was living with my parents at this point because I could not live on my own. But now I’m married so that’s different too. It’s been a big change, a big help. I’m looking forward to having my gut not stick out in front of looks like really big. And yet you’re a real thin guy. I’m very thin. It’s definitely the back if you look at the tutorials from the side. Always.

Kind of joked about that. I’m looking forward to that. I can tell that’s getting better. And then everything else seems to be easing down a bit. There’s still times where I’m not sure. Not sure what. Hum. Like there are still bad days. I might not be able to function as well as I liked to do, but those days are far fewer. And it’s funny because I don’t think about them as much. And that’s the good thing. If you don’t think about that you’re sick, you’re not tired. That’s a normal reaction. People usually don’t think, Oh, I’m not sick.

Today. You don’t think that way. You think, Oh, I am sick today. I don’t feel good today. So those days are far fewer than a couple years ago. So tell me what the neurologist said when you went in there and I’m saying tethered cord syndrome. Yea, they didn’t think that was the case. The final conclusion there was that it’s psychosomatic I think is what they used. They can’t see it. It could be some type of genetic problem which would be in the tens of thousands of dollars worth of testing and there’s nothing they can do.

With it anyway at this point. MRI’s didn’t show much so they couldn’t find anything physically wrong. But what did they say when I said tethered cord syndrome Ah, they didn’t believe you. So that was neither here nor there. But you already knew that the spine was related to your problem. I knew something was definitely wrong with my spine. I’ve known that since college. I mean, we’d kind of joke that I had a weird bump in my back. Yea, but you saw the connection between that and the neurology Yes, there was a definite connection. I could.

See it. And then once you get treated and go fuzzy right away and then it would clear up. It’s been nice. But yea, the ability to think clearly and not be as groggy has been the biggest asset. And just being able to function without having to sleep, I don’t know how many hours a day that I was sleeping. My wife attributes it to her so I’ll let everyone take credit for what they want to. That’s neat. And I’m realistically only 25 to 30 percent done with you. So there’s a lot more that can be done, but you got your life and.

Moved to the east coast and so can’t get treated with this methodology right now. And I have to come in once every six months and get treated. I know. You could completely get over this. This is all straight forward, easy stuff. It’s just not fast. Not going to change you fast. But you see the light at the end of the tunnel Yea, and it’s livable. It’s not something I can’t live with right now. So that’s the nice part. Because I can, I’m functioning which is a lot. And it’s a different level of functionality. A much better level of functionality.

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