Piriformis Syndrome Laser Treatment

Piriformis syndrome is another one that causes that can produce pain radiating down that leg. It will come from the back, glut, hip, down the leg to the foot area. It acts a little bit different than traditional disc bulge. It also acts different than sacroiliac sprain. What happens is the sciatic nerve is coming down from the low back, it cuts underneath that piriformis muscle to go down the leg. When this muscle gets injured for a variety of reasons it starts to spasm and tighten up pinching down on that sciatic nerve. They’ll.

Produce that pain down the leg and into the foot. Our job is to loosen this muscle up. When we decrease the spasms, it will stop spasming and grabbing on to that sciatic nerve, helping to get rid of that problem. Many people require quite a bit of stretching to loosen up all that hip and low back muscles. We’re also going to work with massage therapy to loosen up the gluts and low back so that pelvis can move again. Oftentimes the piriformis starts to act up when we have hip weakness on the lateral stabilizers,.

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