Piriformis Syndrome Treatment Chiropractic

Piriformis syndrome is another one of those conditions that can cause pain shooting down the leg that people refer to as sciatica. Sciatica is just a general term for radiating pain. It doesn’t tell us where the injuries occurred at. Two common ones that get mixed up are lumbar disc sprain or disc injury that’s having that jelly jerked back by the nerve root or the piriformis muscle where it grabs onto that sciatic nerve. The testing is really pretty easy to figure out which one you have. A lumbar disc is going to hurt right away when I lift that leg. You’re going to feel.

That sharp shooting or burning pain. It will be worse when I pull that toe back. You won’t let me get the leg all the way up to here with a disc injury. They’ll just hurt too much. The second thing that’s a big difference between the two is if I take the leg and I turn it a disc problem isn’t going to have that shooting pain. You’re not going to have any numbness, tingling or burning in that foot. But if I put a little bit of stretch and you.

Start to feel those symptoms, that’s going to tell us more the piriformis muscle grabbing onto that sciatic nerve. I can relieve that pain by letting the foot go a little bit, take the tension off the muscle and then turn it again and the pain will reappear. This is one of those signs that tell us this is a piriformis injury that’s grabbing onto that sciatic nerve and will probably don’t need to go get and MRI to check that out because more likely than not it’s not a disc injury, it’s piriformis.

Sciatica Differences Between Lumbar Disc and Piriformis Syndrome Diagnoses Error

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