Rolfing Treatment For Sciatica

Rolfing is exceptionally helpful with someone who’s had a unilateral or a bilateral mastectomy. Due to the way rolfing structural integration opens up the chest so that the scar tissue is reduced, breathing is easier, and the main thing that is always reported back is, I can take a full breath. And they didn’t realize how much breath they’ve lost because of the surgery and subsequent surgery. If a woman has had a unilateraly mastectomy where one breast is removed and they have a large breast on the other side, they can develop scoleosis. Sometimes it’s in tandem.

With radiation which can make the bones more brittle and it makes muscle tissue more brittle. But it’s mostly the scar tissue and having one side, that a person just in essence becomes lopsided and it will start to distort the back. So the benefits that a woman receives after having breast surgery and receiving rolfing structural integration would be that they have a better sense of lift, of wholeness, a better sense of uprightness, better ease of breathing, we can help restore balance in the body, left to right side, ease of the.

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