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10 weeks after general elections, Spain still doesn’t have a government. And it’s becoming critical. So what happened Well, the crisis. The Spanish economic nightmare of the past few years triggered the rise of smaller, alternative but increasingly popular political parties the likes of Cuidadanos and Podemos, ending the country’s twoparty system. Even though Spain has left recession behind to post a 2.5 percent GDP rate for 2015 its fastest growth since 2007 unemployment remains above 20 percent and real wage levels below what they were before the crisis hit in 2007.

So far, so good. But that’s where it gets complicated so buckle up! Despite only winning 40 and 69 seats respectively, the centreright Ciudadanos Party and the leftwing Podemos party hold the key to power. Falling short of a majority, both the incumbent centreright People’s Party and the leftwing Socialist party have to rely on them to form a coalition government. The People’s Party which won the most seats has failed. Now, the Socialists are giving it a go. And although Cuidadanos has agreed to back them, they need more support to get the 176 seats they need to get a majority. Cue more negotiations,.

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