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Hey everybody, it’s jo. today i’m gonna talk about tens units and ems units. hmm, lot of letters. What do those mean? I, for one, am a big believer in these products. The TENS unit stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. And an EMS stands for Electrical Muscle Stimulation. So they’re a little different, and I think people get confused sometimes. The TENS is more for a pain reliever type of thing. I recently had hip surgery, and I have to say the TENS was on me every single day, twice a day, and it took away the need.

To use pain medication. so if you have reactions to pain medication, this might be a good alternative to get some of that pain out of there, relax your muscles and be able to do the things that you need to be able to do. The Electrical Muscle Stimulation, the EMS, is used to help gain muscle back, so it actually contracts the muscle. It’s a different feeling, sometimes it’s slightly uncomfortable, but it’s a good uncomfortable, I think, because it’s making those muscles work. The TENS to me has this vibration feel, which is really comfortable,.

I like it. some people aren’t a huge fan, but basically in simple terms, what it does is it follows that, that vibration follows the same pathway as the pain pathway. So it kind of cancels it out. So then that pain that you’re feeling doesn’t go up to the brain, that vibration goes up to the brain. So I always call it a little bit of a massage feeling, and when you get a good massage, massages are always comfortable, it’s a oh yeah that feels good kind of feeling and that’s what I think it feels like. The folks a FlexTone.

Were nice enough to send us two different tens/ems units. this bigger unit is usually more in the that you’ll see. And it has a couple of different outlets and it’s really nice. And then they sent us a more mobile one. And when I opened it up, I was surprised at how small this thing is. It is so cool, it almost looks like an oldschool cellphone which I like. But you can slip it in your pocket and then go about and do your activities throughout the day with it on. And so if you have maybe some back pain, you.

Can put on your back, set it for 15 minutes, have it on, it turns off by itself and then you don’t have to worry about it. So it’s really nice, I thought it was really cool, I just couldn’t get over how small this is, it’s probably one of the smallest ones I’ve seen. So this is the Pro 16 and this is the RX8000. So what I’m gonna do is show you how both of them work and just what it does while it’s working. You have these pads that you can use, and they’re actually slightly different. These are the most common pads.

You’re gonna see, they’re pretty interchangeable amongst tens and ems units, they just have kind of a push in with a pin right here, and then you put them in. And then this one is a little slightly different for the smaller one, but it just kind of snaps on. But again, they work the same. So, when you’re doing a TENS, most of the time you’re gonna use 4 pads. And when you’re doing an EMS, you’re gonna use two pads. With the TENS, they way you want to do it is a cross pattern. So they two here, as you can see there’s two channels,.

You want to cross them so then the currents go to where you’re kind of hurting. so let’s say it’s on the knee. If I’m hurting kind of on that knee cap area, I’m gonna put one channel here, and one channel here. So I’m gonna go ahead and do that now. So you can see they’re connected there. And what’s nice about them too, is you can actually pull them a little bit, they’re connected, but you can separate them without messing them up. So I’m gonna put one over here, then the other one over here. And then just like that. It’s.

Best not to have lotion on your skin when you put these electrodes on. they are reusable so you have, you know, one set for you. And then what’s really nice is in the big pack here, it comes with a whole bunch of them in different sizes too. So once they wear out usually after about 3 4 weeks, then you just get a new set. But there’s also some that you can put gel on it, and they’re reusable and you put the gel on it and then wipe it off, clean it off, and then you can use those again. So once you have it on. Make sure it’s.

Aleve Direct Therapy The Science Behind

gt;gt; BETH: Aleve Direct Therapy is a wireless TENS device with high intensity power designed specifically to provide deep penetrating lower back pain relief. gt;gt; BETH: TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. gt;gt; BETH: The same technology once only available at ‘s offices. gt;gt; BETH: Aleve Direct Therapy uses patented waveform TENS technology that leverages two.

al theories to relieve pain: gt;gt; BETH: by blocking the transmission of pain and by stimulating endorphins, the body’s natural painreducing chemicals. gt;gt; BETH: The device works through a 30 minute 3stage treatment. gt;gt; BETH: Stage 1 is 5 minutes of high frequency stimulation. gt;gt; BETH: It can initiate feelings of pain relief by suppressing the transmission of.

Pain signals in the nerves. gt;gt; BETH: You may feel a slight tingling sensation. gt;gt; BETH: Stage 2 is 20 minutes of low frequency stimulation. gt;gt; BETH: This stage is often described as feeling like a gentle tapping sensation. gt;gt; BETH: It can initiate an increased endorphin levels. gt;gt; BETH: Stage 3 in another 5 minutes of high frequency stimulation that provides the same.

Sensation experienced in stage 1. gt;gt; BETH: This stage allows you to maintain the feeling of pain relief. gt;gt; BETH: You can use the remote to adjust the intensity of the treatment throughout. clicking gt;gt; BETH: Aleve Direct Therapy. The power is in your hands.

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