Sciatic Pain Going Up Stairs

Wheeee! Whew! Hey everybody, it’s Doctor Jo. Since most people aren’t gonna be able to go down the steps like that if they have an injury to one of their legs, I’m gonna show you how to go up and down the steps, the safe way, if you’re injured. So we have several sayings to help us remember how to go up and down steps in the therapy world. I like to always tell people Go up with the good, down with the bad. You might also hear good things go to heaven, bad things go the hell. And so what you’re gonna do, is you want when.

You’re going up, the good’s gonna go up first, so if my left side is injured, I’m gonna step up with my right because it’s powering it up, and I don’t have to use that left side as much. Powering up. Powering up. Then you want to go down with your bad, so my left side is the bad one, I’m gonna bring it down first, and then my right’s gonna come. And that is because the foot that’s on the top of the step is gonna be the one doing the.

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