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Yoga For Stress Relief

What’s up everyone? Welcome to Yoga with Adriene. I’m Adriene, and it’s time for a little you time. I have a yoga practice for stress release. This is a practice that will relieve tension in the body, but also provide a nice little energetic cleanse. So put on some comfy clothes and hop on your mat for a little yoga for stress relief. All right my friends. So today we’re going to begin in an easy crosslegged position. You can cross the ankles here, you can sit up on a blanket or a block, especially if you feel like you’re creating this shape in your body.

And there’s a strain. Lift the hips up so you have a little more of a fighting chance. Another option, of course, is to bring one ankle in front of the other, and then if you’re fancy, you can bring that ankle up towards the front of the hip crease for a little half Lotus or maybe you’re warmed up and you want to start your practice today with me and Lotus. So as you can see, we have the options, always options here on the map. For me, that’s what find what feels good means. Find what feels good and come.

Into a nice seated position, and we’ll just take a second to drop the chin into the chest. Relax the weight of the head over, and relax the palms gently on the knees or the tops of the thighs. Close your eyes now, so you can take a break from looking at the tutorial here and just drop the weight of the head over, go ahead and let the shoulders round and begin to notice your breath. So you might be wondering right now did I pick the right tutorial, should I do something else, should I change my closes, do I really have time for this?.

And just give yourself permission to be here in this moment. Trust that you chose the right tutorial. It is valuable to take the time here. And we begin to release and relax in the moment. Bring your awareness to the space between your navel and your spine, cultivate a little energy there as you draw a line up through the center channel of your body, and begin to roll up. Again, you can open the gaze here to just take a peek at the tutorial. Otherwise trust yourself here as we roll up nice and tall coming into.

Sukhasana or the Pose of Ease. Relax your jaw, find length through the crown of the head, and then just energetically rooting down through the inaudible 00:02:54. I got super relaxed there. Creating space from the crown of the head down through the tail. Now nothing fancy here. Again, you can close your eyes, keep the gaze soft. Just listen to the sound of my voice as we begin to notice the breath. It’s really quite lovely. Right when I said that I heard the wind chimes on.

My front stoop. That’s one of the things I love about yoga and you have a practice. As my practice unfolds, so does my awareness, too. My capacity to see, feel, experience things in the moment is truly awesome. So here we are chilling, checking in with the breath. Just noticing the natural rhythm, the natural ebb and flow. And you’ll find by just bringing our awareness to it, we begin to experience it a little different than the moment before, and you might begin to deepen your breath here. Perhaps seeing if you can extend that.

Inhalation, making it a little bit longer, perhaps a little bit smoother, and then seeing if you can extent that exhale, making it a little bit longer. So perhaps when you feel that you’ve just pushed all of the air out, you extend the exhale a little more. I’m just going to spend a couple more moments here. If you’re familiar with alternate nostril breathing, this is another great breath or Pranayama practice that you might choose to do right now for the next couple of breaths, super relaxing, and we have a.

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