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By the time a man reaches 50 years of age, he has a 75 chance of having an enlarged prostate and a 33 chance of having prostate cancer. As he continues to age these numbers continue to worsen. It’s an accepted medical fact that if a man lives long enough, some kind of prostate problem is virtually guaranteed. Prostate problems are not however, inevitable. There are six main causes of prostate problems. These are hormonal imbalances, cancer, zinc deficiency, cadmium toxicity, calcification and infection. In this presentation, we will discuss each of these 6 problems in detail, and then for.

Each problem, tell you which natural ingredients are most effective at addressing that particular problem. Should you want a product with all of the ingredients for each of the problems we are about to discuss, they are available in the Endosterol product, which I believe to be the finest prostate product available today. now let’s begin with hormonal imbalances and cancer as these two problems are intimately related. Up until his early thirties, a man produces more testosterone than estrogen. Yes, you heard right, men produce estrogen. This is natural and nothing to worry about. Men produce.

Estrogen. and women produce testosterone. The difference is that men make more testosterone than estrogen and women make more estrogen then testosterone. It is this predominance of one hormone over the other that is responsible not just for the differences between male and female bodies, but also the differences between male and female personalities. Unfortunately, as a man ages he make less and less testosterone, and more and more estrogen, until by age 34, a man makes more estrogen than testosterone. I call this a ‘hormonal inversion’. This process accelerates with age so that by the time a man is 60, he makes twice as.

Prostate Health Supplement by Endosterol Prostate Cancer, Erectile Dysfunction, Breast Cancer

Much estrogen as testosterone and by age 90, 12 times as much. While somewhere in a man’s fifties, this change is officially labeled as andropause, which is. the male version of menopause. you can see that the process actually starts in a man’s mid thirties. A hormonal inversion can show up in many ways. In the sports world, a man’s performance begins to suffer. This is why you don’t see many professional athletes at the top of their game past 40. Muscle size and tone decreases and fat begins to accumulate. This gives a man a softer.

More feminine appearance. In the business world, a man may begin to lose his competitive edge. In relationships he becomes more passive. In general, as the hormonal inversion begins to takes hold, a man becomes more sensitive and less aggressive. more feminine. Regardless of how you feel about the effect of female hormones on your personality, the male body doesn’t like it at all. In particular, this hormonal inversion wreaks havoc on a man’s prostate. To understand how hormonal inversion affects the prostate, we need to understand how the hormonal process takes place.

Hormonal inversion, or the dominance of estrogen over testosterone in man, is due to three actions. First, as a man ages, he makes less testosterone. This is understandable as all hormones decrease in their productions with age. Second, some of his testosterone begins turning into DiHydroTestosterone or DHT for short. This happens courtesy of an enzyme called 5 alpha reductase whose job it is to convert good testosterone into its evil counterpart DHT. It’s DHT that is the main cause of hair loss and prostate enlargement. Did you ever wonder why baldness is predominantly a male problem It’s because men make more.

Testosterone then women and thus are at a greater risk of having that testosterone turn into DHT. The third cause of hormonal inversion is a bit more bizarre. It turns out that there is an enzyme in a man’s body called aromatase whose function it is to convert testosterone into estrogen, and not just any kind of estrogen, because there are actually 3 different types of estrogen. This aromatase enzyme turns testosterone into the most powerful the three forms of estrogen, namely estradiol. Thus as a man ages, he not only makes less testosterone, but what little testosterone.

He makes his body then turns into DHT and the estrogen estradiol. Now we already know the DHT causes hair loss and balding,.what does estradiol estrogen cause. Aside from feminization of the body and personality, estradiol causes cancer, and most specifically prostate cancer. So, just what are the odds of this happening to any given man As we said in the introduction, in terms of prostate enlargement, by age 50, 75 of all men have an enlarged prostate and by age 50, 33 have prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is the most common nonskin cancer in the United States and the second.

Leading cause of death from cancer among U.S. men after lung cancer. As a man gets older these numbers get much worse, and if a man lives long enough, prostate enlargement and cancer are virtually guaranteed. Medical treatments for an enlarged prostate and prostate cancer often leave men in diapers, unable to ever have sex again. So, what do we as men need to We need to increase testosterone production, block the enzymes 5 alpha reductase and aromatase, and find some way of dealing with a prostate that has already become cancerous.

Alternative medicine has identified many natural ingredients that can help us do this, but the best of all of them are beta sitosterol and ellagic acid. Beta sitosterol suppresses both 5alpha reductase and aromatase so that takes care of DHT and estrogen. In terms of prostate cancer, animals treated with beta sitosterol, had 43 smaller tumors and had 12 the rate of metastasizes over untreated animals. Ellagic acid works by causing cancers cells to actually selfdestruct. The technical term for this is aptosis. Whenever a cell becomes cancerous, our DNA instructs it to selfdestruct. This is one of the most powerful safeguards.

We have in preventing cancer. Unfortunately, some cancer cells manage to block this signal. These are the cells that go on to grow and form tumors. What ellagic acid does is too reinstate the selfdestruct signal in these cancer cells. Ellagic acid does this for all cancers but studies show that it is particularly effective at this for prostate and breast cancers. So, what should we do, go out and buy some beta sitosterol and ellagic acid First, you need a concentrated source of beta sitosterol, and even the saw palmetto berry,.

The plant recognized as one of the best sources of beta sitosterol, contains only 333 parts beta sitosterol per million. To get 1 gram of beta sitosterol from its saw palmetto, you would need to have over 6 and 12 pounds of saw palmetto berries. Furthermore Beta sitosterol is very poorly absorbed orally. Less than 5 of what you take by mouth makes its way into the bloodstream and then even less gets to the prostate itself. Thus to absorb 1 gram of beta sitosterol a day from saw palmetto, you would actually.

Need to eat over 132 pounds of the berries a day. Ellagic acid is found in raspberries and pomegranates, but again we have the same problem with absorption and concentration. Unless you have the digestive capacity of a 500 pound mountain gorilla and you spent all day stuffing yourself with saw palmetto berries and raspberries, we need to get a concentrated source of beta sitosterol and ellagic acid. So, the first two ingredients we chose to put in Endosterol were concentrated forms of beta sitosterol and ellagic acid. Okay. That takes care of the first to problems, hormonal inversion and cancer. Let’s move.

On to number 3. The third cause of prostate problems is zinc deficiency. A zinc deficiency not only causes the prostate to operate less effectively, it can also cause it to enlarge. Different organs in the body have different requirements for elements, and for the prostate, zinc is required. It may sound strange that some organs need more of one element than another but you already know of the most common example. It’s called goiter. While the younger generation may not be as familiar with this, the older generation will be.

Goiter is an enlargement of the thyroid gland in the neck due to insufficient iodine in the diet. Iodine is a heavy element and rain typically washes it out of mountainous soil into the rivers and eventually the sea. People living near the oceans who eat fish get all the iodine they needed but people who live in the mountains often became iodine deficient and can develop goiter. Of course this isn’t seen much anymore in developed countries where iodine is added to table salt but it demonstrates the point. Individual organs or glands have specific mineral requirements and when they.

Don’t get what they need, they malfunction and can enlarge. Thus, prostate enlargement can be considered prostate goiter. Unfortunately, zinc is not added to table salt like iodine is. This added to the fact that zinc becomes more difficult to absorb with age leads to the widespread zinc deficiencies we see today. Keeping in mind that we not only need to supplement with zinc, but deliver it to the body in a highly absorbable form, the third ingredient in Endosterol is pumpkin extract which is high in bioavailable zinc. The fourth cause of prostate problems is cadmium toxicity.

Cadmium toxicity is actually related to zinc deficiency in the sense that low zinc levels can cause cadmium toxicity. Cadmium is a toxic heavy metal commonly found in soft drinks, seafood, cigarette smoke, plastics, water softeners and other places. Cadmium can cause chronic fatigue, hair loss, high blood pressure, arthritis and impotence and of course prostate problems. Cadmium owes its unique ability to damage the prostate to its similarity to the element zinc. Now all beneficial elements have toxic analogs, poisonous elements that the body mistakes for the beneficial ones. This is due to similarities in the atomic radius and electrical charge.

Of certain elements. Thus the body mistakes aluminum for magnesium, lead for calcium, mercury for selenium and cadmium for zinc. Now the prostate needs zinc to function, and it is often zinc deficient, so when it sees some toxic cadmium floating by in the bloodstream it thinks, oh good, here’s some zinc, I need that and it gobbles it right up. In this manner over time, cadmium accumulates begins causing problems. If a man were to take supplemental zinc his whole life, it would offer some protection against cadmium absorption, but even so, some cadmium is bound to make it to the prostate.

The only way to deal with cadmium is to remove it with a chelator. A chelator is an ingredient that has a very strong attraction to a particular element. If the attraction it has is stronger than the attraction the body has for that element, it can pull that element away from the body. The safest and most effective cadmium chelator is called EDTA. EDTA is an amino acid that has a fiftyyear history of removing toxic metals like cadmium from the body. Once EDTA has attached itself to cadmium, the entire complex becomes watersoluble and.

Will be eliminated harmlessly in the urine within a few hours. Thus EDTA is the fourth ingredient in Endosterol. The fifth cause of prostate problems is calcium deposits in the prostate We’ve discussed cadmium, and we can agree that it is a toxic metal, but what about calcium. Isn’t calcium vital for our health Absolutely. Calcium keeps our bones and teeth healthy and has many important roles to play in our biochemistry. What is not commonly known is that as we age, calcium migrates from the bones and teeth where it belongs, into the soft tissues and organs.

Of the body. When calcium does this, it turns from a beneficial mineral to a pathological one. When calcium moves into the kidneys, we get kidney stones. When it deposits in the gall bladder, we get gallstones. When calcium migrates into the arteries, we get arteriosclerosis and atherosclerosis. When calcium gets into the joints, we get arthritis, and when calcium gets into the prostate, we get prostatic calculi, also known as prostate stones. In addition to being a gland, the prostate is also a small pump, and like any pump it.

Needs to be free of debris to function properly. As we age, these tiny prostate stones accumulate reducing the prostates health and functionality. Now there are two ways to remove prostate stones, the first is a medical procedure that involves a catheterization. Ouch. The second is with EDTA, which goes in and pulls the calcium out just like it removes the cadmium. Thus EDTA serves double duty supporting the removal both toxic cadmium and calcium stones. For a product with only EDTA in it but in higher amounts see Medicardium. The last cause of prostate problems we will address is that of infection.

In addition to cancer, the prostate is susceptible to bacterial, viral, fungal and parasitic infections. You will recall that ellagic acid is the ingredient used in Endosterol to decrease cancer risk, but it does much more than that. Ellagic acid is truly a remarkable ingredient. Ellagic acid is anti bacterial, anti fungal, anti viral and anti parasitic element as well. Ellagic acid is such a remarkable ingredient that its work learning a bit more about it. Ellagic acid inhibits all bacteria by inhibiting the enzyme DNA gyrase. DNA gyrase is only.

Found in bacteria and is the enzyme that allows bacterial DNA to coil. Without this enzyme, the bacteria’s DNA unspools the bacteria dies. Unlike traditional antibiotics that are specific to certain bacteria, ellagic acid works on all bacteria. Ellagic acid inhibits fungi and yeast by inhibiting the enzyme chitin Synthase II. Almost all fungi and bacterial and fungal cell walls are built out of a polysaccaride called Chitin and Chitin Synthase II is the enzyme that they use make Chitin. Thus by inhibiting Chitin Synthase II, ellagic acid suppresses the growth of almost all fungi and bacteria.

Ellagic acid inhibits all viruses by inhibiting the enzyme integrase. Integrase is the enzyme that viruses need to enter a cell. As you know, viruses cannot reproduce without entering a cell so by inhibiting this enzyme, all viruses can be inhibited. Finally, Ellagic acid inhibits parasites but the mechanism by how this happens in not yet understood. While many people believe parasitic infections to be limited to third world countries, many people harbor millions of intestinal parasites their whole lives without ever knowing it. Thus, in addition to the effects of ellagic acid on prostate cancer, ellagic acid also.

Deals with the infective aspect of prostate disorders, Ellagic acid is put in Endosterol. For a product with just ellagic acid in it in higher amounts see Ellagica. Conclusion We have now discussed the 6 main causes of prostate problems hormonal imbalances, cancer, zinc deficiency, cadmium toxicity, calcification and infection. We have also discussed the ingredients best suited to deal with these problems, namely beta sitosterol, ellagic acid, pumpkin extract, and EDTA. The last question to be answered is in what form should these ingredients best be administered The answer is as a suppository.

Suppository administration was chosen as the delivery mechanism for Endosterol for 2 reasons. Firstly, rectal absorption is recognized as being some 20 times greater than oral absorption. Secondly, and more importantly has to do with the location of the prostate. When a suppository is inserted into the body, it rests some mere inches away from the prostate itself. It is this ability of a suppository to delivery ingredients directly to the prostate that makes it the optimal method of administration. Congratulation, you’ve now completed a crash course on prostate health. You know the six.

Main causes of prostate problems, as well as what ingredients can be taken both preventatively as well as therapeutically. For more information on Endosterol, a product that combines all ingredients we’ve talked about, contact the health care provider who gave you this presentation. In this next chapter, we will talk about how the same ingredients used in Endosterol have other applications for our health. In particular, we will discuss Endosterol and the role it can play supporting the body in dealing with chronic inflammation, circulation disturbances, immune dysfunction and generalized female disorders.

Endosterol Part II While the ingredients in Endosterol are specifically designed to support prostate health, there are other health conditions that they can support, and in this second part we will briefly go over them. They are chronic inflammation, poor circulation, imbalanced immune function and generalized female health problems. Let’s start with inflammation. As we get older, chronic aches and pains can begin to accumulate in the body. Inflammation is an important part of the healing process but the chronic unresolved inflammation associated with aging is definitely not beneficial. Chronic inflammation has also been associated with disease conditions ranging from Alzheimer’s.

And M.S. to heart disease and strokes. Clearly, inflammation is a problem that needs a solution. Unfortunately, many of the antiinflammatory drugs used in the past have had disastrous side effects that have only showed up years after their initial introduction. This is because pharmaceutical drugs work by overriding the body’s natural biochemical pathways. All the pathways in the body are interconnected and by manipulating one, you always inadvertently apply pressure others. You can do this in the short run, but over time, it causes problems. Current examples of this include the terrible side effects.

Found with Vioxx and Celebrex including increased risk of heart attacks, strokes and blood clots. The only way we can be sure of avoiding unforeseen side effects is to work with nature, not against it. In nature, the inflammation pathway is controlled through the fats and oils in our diet. Certain oils and fats increase inflammation and others decrease it. Luckily, nature has supplied us with the Saw palmetto plant. Saw Palmetto oil works by inhibiting the same Lipoxygenase and Cycloxygenase inflammation pathways that the pharmaceutical drugs do, but it does so in a manner that nature intended and is familiar with through.

Dietary oils. Lets move on to circulation In dealing with circulatory problems there are 2 main issues to address, and they are blood viscosity and plaque Blood viscosity refers to how thick the blood is, how prone it is to forming clots. We need out blood to clot to prevent us from bleeding to death from injuries, but when the blood becomes to thick clots begin to form inside the body in the arteries and veins. These clots can decrease the flow of blood leading to fatigue if they are small and strokes and.

Heart attacks if they are large. Fortunately, saw palmetto in general and beta sitosterol in particular both inhibit platelet formation, which is what causes the blood to clot. Lets look at the second issue raised, that of plaque. Plaque are the blockages that grow inside the arteries obstructing blood flow. Scientific studies have shown that betasitosterol supports the removal of fat directly out of arterial plaque. Many people think that all they need to do to take care of their circulation is keep their cholesterol low. The truth is it isn’t the fat in the bloodstream that causes.

The stroke, but rather the fat in the plaque itself. While lowering cholesterol may look good on a blood test, the real key is lowering the fat in the plaque and keeping the blood thin. Still, if a good blood test is important to you, you will be happy to hear that betasitosterol has also be clinically shown to support the lowering of LDL cholesterol and triglycerides. Immune function is the second issue we will address in this section. While most people believe that a stronger immune system is a better immune system, the.

Truth is that what we really want is a strong and balanced immune system. A person suffering from allergies has a strong but unbalanced immune system. A person suffering from an autoimmune disease also has a strong but imbalanced immune system. To understand the concept of immune balance, we will compare the immune system of a person to the internal and external security of a ritzy nightclub. In the nightclub there are doormen and bouncers. The job of the doormen is to make sure that only the right sorts of people are allowed in.

The job of the bouncers is to wander around inside the nightclub and toss out anyone that starts causing trouble. In order for the nightclub to operate successfully, there needs to be a balance between the doormen and bouncers to keep the nightclub running smoothly. On the other hand, if the doormen are too aggressive and the bouncers too passive, or vice versa, the nightclub will have problems. Let’s look at the first scenario, overly aggressive doormen and passive bouncers. With overly aggressive doormen, perfectly good clients will be denied entry to the club.

With passive bouncers, anyone who does get in and then causes a problem won’t be removed. This type of immune imbalance is paralleled by a person with continual allergies and colds. The overly aggressive Doormen reacting to clients that aren’t a problem is analogous to a person allergic to things like cat hair or ragweed, things that pose no real threat to their health. The passive bouncers letting clients get drunk and cause problems inside the nightclub is analogous to a weak immune system low on natural killer cells, unable to get rid of infections and cancer cells.

Now let’s look at the second scenario, passive doormen and overly aggressive bouncers. With passive doormen, anyone can get into the club. With overly aggressive bouncers, peaceful and valuable clients are tossed out and fights between the bouncers and normal folk just there to have a nice time are always breaking out. This type of immune imbalance is paralleled by a person with an autoimmune problem. The overly aggressive bouncers fighting with peaceful patrons that aren’t doing anything wrong is analogous to a person whose immune system is attacking itself such as Rheumatoid arthritis,.

Lupus, or M.S. You can see now that before we attempt to strengthen an immune system, we should first balance it. Sometimes strengthening an immune system only makes matters worse by increasing allergic and autoimmune responses. Fortunately, beta sitosterol has the unique ability of being able to balance the immune system, the doormen and bouncers so to speak. For those of you more scientifically minded, betasitosterol has an adaptogenic effect on Th1Th2 ratios. It is this ability of beta sitosterol to balance the immune system that give it its seemingly magical ability to support.

Such a wide range of immune disorders. Female health The last issue we will address is that of female health. Based on everything we have discussed in the first part of this presentation regarding the prostate, it may come as a surprise to learn that the ingredients in Endosterol are also beneficial for supporting female health. In fact, saw palmetto has a long history of use for both men and women. It has been used as a reproductive tonic for women, increasing libido, fertility and increasing milk flow in nursing mothers. It has been prescribed to relieve painful periods, to.

Regulate the menstrual cycle, and for pelvic inflammatory conditions including salpingitis and ovarian pain. It has even been used to increase the weight of the uterus in postmenopausal women. Saw palmetto also has an affinity with the urinary system, and has been taken to relieve urinary infections and fluid retention. None of this should come as a particular surprise. All of the 6 causes of prostate problems discussed in part one of this presentation have their female counterparts. Women experience hormonal problems, cancer, mineral deficiencies, toxicity, calcifications and infections as often as men do and so they need ways to deal with these issues.

As well. The same hormonal imbalances in men that cause feminization, prostate problems and prostate cancer, in women cause PMS, uterine and ovarian dysfunctions and breast cancer. Well, this brings us to the end of this presentation. We started talking about a product for the prostate, continued with circulation, inflammation and immune disorders and ended discussing women’s health. That’s one of the nice things about working with natural ingredients. Instead of getting unexpected side effects you get unexpected side benefits. You start working on helping one problem, and you end up helping lots of problems that you thought weren’t even related.

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