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Hayden Triathlon Summit Chiropractic Testimonial from Katie Clarizio

Earlier this year we decided to kind of training group or the and also for some of the patients so we’re all here today after seventeen weeks of training most of the people doing it today especially my patients and my staff have never done a triathlon before so this is kind of awesome opportunity to be able to help them I’ve been doing tri’s for the last three or four years and I love it. I got addicted to it as soon as I finish the first one and just wanted to bring that on to my patients and my staff so they could enjoy the great sport of doing triathlons.

Plus a great workout to stay healthy. You know our we’re always emphasizing health and fitness my name’s Katie Maurizio. This is my first triathlon I signed up with Lopez he said his was doing and I’ve always wanted to do one so I figured I might as well do it now We trained 6 days a week. We usually did weights 3 times a week and he would swim twice and either run or bike about three times and then the other one twice. Since it.

Was my first one and I thought it would help me having set training methods and goals each week. I had so much fun I would definitely do it again probably next summer it was great.

The Dead Bug Exercise A Core Muscle Exercise to Strengthen Low Back and Abs BackandNeckca

Now that you’ve completed the limber portion of our workout, it’s time to start loading your core muscles. We’re going to start lying down on our back for the first version of our dead bug. Karen’s going to lie down on her back with her arms comfortably at her side knees and hips slightly bent. Before we actually move let’s readdress the bracing. so deep breath in, pull your ribs towards your hips.

Belly button toward her spine like the world’s tightest pants and then pinch your pelvic floor muscles like you’re stopping the flow of urine. Now that the core is contracted let’s take those arms raise them just to shoulder height and begin your exercise at home by marching right leg kneesup toes up, hold that for a second at the top and then back down and then left leg. The key thing here is to move in a comfortable pace without letting that spine move at all. We want true spine stability at all times. Maintain an abdominal brace.

Relax those shoulder blades down in back as you’re marching with those legs. Very good job. Excellent. Only bring that knee to hip height. We don’t want to bring it any further than that and make sure that spine stays safe, stable. Good work. Good. Abs tight, ribs are down belly button toward her spine, pelvic floors contracted. Very nice work. Make sure your breathing here Karen. Relax those shoulders. Excellent job. Marching, bring in that knee.

Up to hip height. Very good job. Good job. One more on this left leg. and relax. Good. Arms down your side.

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