Sciatica Golf

Well I had pain going down my legs umm It’s just, it’s like a pinched nerve all the time. I couldn’t sleep at night can hardly walk, you couldn’t swing anything Getting in and out of the car was just terrible so I came over here and brought all my MRI’s all my Xrays, my MRI’s and everything Doctor Lupo was fabulous, he said I was a candidate for for the program, for the decompression program. So I went through it it was about a threemonth program I went through and he said you gotta be.

Patient, he said I think the next month and next week, the next month you’re gonna start feeling some relief and just like that the next week I started feeling relief, I wasn’t stiff anymore I had, my back started feeling great and so I went through the the additional month and then third month I went like twice a week for for another four weeks. I can play golf now, I couldn’t play golf before. They did a fantastic job. And what I liked about it is that he took the time to review.

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