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Rtf1ansiansicpg1252deff0deflang2057fonttblf0fnilfcharset0 Lucida Sans Unicodef1fnilfcharset0 Calibri generator Msftedit Hi I’m Paula Moore The Chiropractor here to answer the most asked question I get in practise. Should I use ice or heat It’s a great question and I always give the same answer to begin with. Go with your gut instinct. Your body knows best. If you can’t bare the thought of ice up touching your skin, then probably don’t. If the thought of a hot water bottle or bath feels right, go with that to begin with. I think our instincts tell us a lot.par Now for some of the rules. Lets talk about.

Muscle tension. You’ve been carrying your child around on your shoulders over the weekend at the fairground and your shoulders are really tense and sore Or you’ve been sitting too long at the computer, or you’ve been a coach potato all weekend. So you’ve got muscle tension and that’s when you want to reach for the hot water bottle. I favour this to wheat packs because moist heat penetrates really quickly. par Think about muscle tension squeezing the blood vessels, constricting the blood flow to the area. A hot water bottle allows dilation of the blood vessels and an increase in blood.

Flow to the area, bringing more nutrients and oxygen and washing away the waste products. The lactic acid from overworking muscles. This leaves you feeling much more comfortable quickly. par Now lets talk about inflammation. The kind of inflammation you get when you have injured yourself. You’ve slipped off the curb and maybe strained your ankle. You’ve knocked into a wall and have a bit of an egg on your forehead or you have had a sudden low back injury and it is acutely painful. This is when we are talking about acute pain. This is when we talk about using ice. par.

Should I Use Ice Or Heat

Acute pain is pain lasting anywhere from day 1 up to day 710. In this period you will have inflammation. Inflammation is the body’s natural response to healing the area. We don’t want to stop inflammation and that is why I am not a fan of using antiinflammatories. It’s a drug, it’s a chemical and stopping the body’s natural healing process. Without inflammation, our tissues wouldn’t heal. So the ice is used to get you feeling a little more comfortable during this period.par I love using the gel ice packs. Wrapped in.

A tea towel you can pop them right down your pants and walk around with it for twenty minutes at a time. They don’t get unbearably cold and they are flexible. For the first 710 days the acute phase that accompanies inflammation from an injury, is going to be managed with ice. Twenty minutes on then onetwo hours off, twenty minutes on, onetwo hours off. Do that at least four times in a day. You will probably already be seeing your health professional, along with icing and they will likely tell you the same thing. par.

Once you get past the one week mark, you are going to start alternating, iceheat, iceheat. There may still be some swelling inflammation but the swelling doesn’t feel so much like a water balloon now but a bit more like hard gela little like the gel ice pack when it’s thawed out. You can now start to increase the blood flow to the area. Remember increasing the blood flow with a hot water bottle dilates the blood vessels bringing more nutrients and oxygen to the areaimportant for healing. There will likely still be some discomfort,.

So you can manage the inflammation using ice, the way that I explained twenty minutes on, onetwo hours off. Back and forth between ice and heat. You can do that for about one week. par If you are getting into weeks of discomfort, weeks of pain, more than four weeks up to six weeks plus then you are into chronic pain and you do need some help. Go and see your chiropractor. Don’t try to manage this with ice and heat alone, as that is not likely going to be enough. par.

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