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Good morning! Good morning! If you are coming from Hong Kong, or like when I was small, had played soccer had heard about the term sprained ankle or scrape ankle. Scrape ankle is like a milder injury, but sprained ankle sounds more serious. Therefore, we have Dr. Chan to help us to solve this mystery of sprained ankle. Good morning, Ronnie Chan! Good morning! We usually get this from doing exercise, what is it exactly The Chinese translation itself does not sound good and I have no idea where the term comes from.

But it describes the ligamentus injury from excessive pulling at the ankle. It is usually called where the sprain happens at the ankle Yes, that is correct, other places will not call that. Oh, I thought it is the entire ankle. It is the ankle but will classify into different types. Today, we will reflect where in the ankle we had sprained in the past. Could you tell us how many percentages does sprained ankle covers in athletic injuries About 14 to 21 percent. It is quite a large number. Could you talk to us about the different types of sprained ankles.

We have basically 3 types of sprained ankle. The first one is called inversion sprain. We can see more clearly with the diagram. It means the foot turn inward, and it is the most common one. That means it is moved inside. That is correct. The injured body parts include lateral ligaments which we can see them in the next diagram. You can see they are located at the outside part of the foot. The area which I circle is the group of ligaments. Muscle! Ligaments! This is the area of major injury.

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Inversion sprained ankle is the most common one. Most people will get this kind. When people are trying to kick really hard. That is correct, usually at this location. For the next one, we will need to look back the previous diagram. That is right. Eversion sprain. Eversion sprain means the foot turns outward. The foot will turn differently. This is rare. Is it less common It is less common, but the injury is more serious. We are going to take a look at the injured tissues. This is the inside of our foot, the name of the structure is called medial ligament.

Or we can also call this deltoid ligament, meaning triangular ligament. Is it very painful It is very painful and eversion sprain usually accompany bony fracture. It is because of the structure not only ligament will be injured but also involve fracture of bone. Understood! The next one is called diastasis sprained ankle. It is because Dave Wang sings Separation is not easy. Then this should not be easy! This is really not easy, but once injured, will become very serious. The sprained parts are in between the shin bones.

These look more serious. We do not realize when we had this kind of sprain. It is because we see the sprained ankle as it is only happens on both sides, and we do not think about the middle. Therefore, we need to be very careful when doing examination to avoid missing this. Then, should it be painful It should be painful, slowly And Joe had talked about muscle and tendons. They are very different. Ligaments help to restraint. The function of ligaments is to limit the range of motions.

So, if you have ligamentus injury, you will feel. Tight at the join No, it is the opposite, you lose the integrity of the joint. It is because it limits the range and then the injury will cause the join to become too loose. That is correct and that is why sprain of ligament can be serious. Let’s go back to the 3 types of sprain inversion, eversion and the one in the middle. Is there a degree to describe them in terms of severity Yes, there are 3 grades.

Let’s talk about the first grade. Like steak, the soso grade 1 steak! Grade 1 is the most common one, describes as minor tear of the ligament. Therefore, there will be minor swelling at the ankle with pain. Most patients after grade 1 sprain will still capable to walk, but not jumping. Oh, I see. This is considered grade 1 sprained ankle. My daughter is learning how to dance, she may not feel comfortable with the movement but still do it anyway. Will that make it worse It will not, however, further injury is going to make it worse.

Let’s talk about the grade 2 sprain. Grade 2 is more serious. It is a partial tear of the ligament. It is being torn partially Yes, that is correct. Besides swelling and pain, you can also see bruises. It is because there is bleeding under the skin. So, you will see dark colour underneath. And you will also have difficulty in walking or jumping. You cannot dance at all. You cannot. You have to rest. Let’s take a look at the most severe one, grade 3. Grade 3 sprain describes a total torn of ligament.

However, I have seen athletes torn their ligaments and were able to reconstruct them. Yes, after doing surgery. Oh. It can be reconstructed. So, in other words, when you have a grade 3, you will need to do surgery Yes, you will need surgery because without the ligament, you will not be able to walk, very painful, and because ligament helps to limit the range of motion. Without it, the ankle will become very loose with no integrity. It sounds cool but. it is not good at all. Yes, that is right.

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