Sciatica Massage Therapy Contraindications

You seem like a very spiritual person, how do you bring your spirituality to work Well when I’m dealing with these individuals I’m there with them whole heartedly. I’m there unconditionally and for that individual, so I don’t expect anything in return and consequently I get so much more in return. The feedback that I get from individuals whether they’re verbal or nonverbal. There are clients that aren’t able to communicate due to whatever illness they’re dealing with such as Alzheimer’s and so you have to pick up on the nonverbal.

Communication in their facial expressions. Through this type of communication, that’s the reward you get to be able to provide a sense of relief and a sense of well being for this individual, even if it’s only for an hour. That’s an hour more than they had in the previous 23 hours or if it’s been a week since I’ve seen them or whatever. That’s more relief than they’ve had before and it’s something that’s more difficult for family members to provide, because the family members are dealing with the potential loss of that.

Individual and so they’re not able to necessarily be there the same way I can for that individual. I find that the family members really appreciate the work that I do as well. I imagine that the family member in certain places you maybe a little hesitant to touch in a massage because you might feel like you’re going to hurt them or you’re going to damage anything good. Absolutely and what I found is the individuals that want to do for their loved ones, I’ll show them some stuff that they can do, because I’m not there all the time. So if they want to be.

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