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My name is Greg Blaut and I am making this tutorial for the targeted individuals out there in hopes that relating some of the knowledge that I have acquired over the years of being one myself can possibly help them out, to get them through their situation. I have a lot of knowledge about all of it. I don’t really know what I should say in the tutorials, and what I don’t. I am just making different tutorials trying to figure out which one to use. I think in this one I am going to just give a total smattering of basically all of the information that I have learned in a concise tutorial, as well as what I have figured out to, in my opinion, be a solution to the problem. OK, well I have been a targeted individual for geez, you know,.

I don’t even know long, maybe 30 years or so. I have been a victim of directed energy manipulation and attack for over 25 years. There was a period of intensive gang stalking and street theater, you know all about that. That’s kind of how I. Actually the electronics is what i noticed first and I was wondering, you know, I didn’t really know a lot about it at the time, but you know, it was minimal. After that, a few years went by and I was gang stalked for a long time, all the tactics were used. Along with that was some more directed energy, but I didn’t realize that was really, they were both together, I thought it was basically just the gang stalking, and not all of the electronics with it, but it was. It was the.

Full gamut, It was like I had the full boat, and I didn’t realize about the electronics as much then. But apparently that didn’t work. And then after a while it was heavy duty, attack, directed energy, I mean I have had RF burns. just the other night I had burns on my fingers for Christs sake. I have artificial intelligence based entities, in my head 247365, and I have had them for over 10 years. And it was brutal at first, man, it was just a total attack. But anyway, I don’t really need to go into that right now. I want to offer more of the solution in this first tutorial, at least, and kind of relate what I think maybe it’s all about, and just try to help you some. In my case, I had a spot right back here on the back of my head, that grew.

A bunch of hair into my body over basically my whole life, I mean at least since I was a kid. Maybe it was some kind of birth defect, I don’t know, I don’t think that is what it is, but it’s possible, or an injury when I was very young, I didn’t know about it. I don’t really think that’s what mostly this is, but it is possible, I guess, on some people that’s probably what it’s come from. Other people, maybe it’s just transmitted from somebody else. But anyway, along with being under attack from external forces, I was under attack from within my own body and that was just as bad, eventually, and I had to either figure out what to do or die. I am sure that is what would have happened if I would’nt have come up with.

Something. And, so after intensive research I have found what I consider to be a cure, or a good solution to the problem, at least the problem I have. Now I don’t know if all of the targeted individuals have the same thing, maybe that’s what it is all about, I really don’t know. The world is so crazy these days that maybe that is what most of it is about, maybe that is what is all about, I am not sure. But, anyway, the solution I have found is sulfur soap basically. And what I do with this, this is 10 percent sulfur soap, nothing else. I take it and I grind it up into like a fine powder and I put water in it, and then I make a cream out of it. I put it into a little pump bottle like this.

Right here, and I take some of it and pump it on. I put a little bit of it on to the soap there, the cream, and then I take it and I rub it into my body, not really into me. I don’t really want into me as much, I want it into that problem, and it’s pretty much everywhere in me. And so I rub it down inside of here real good, deep as I can get it. And I rub it on my head, you know, maybe in the front, and behind the ears, sometimes in the lower back area. I have rubbed it into my feet before, and lower legs, and sometimes I have rubbed it like on my shoulder blades, especially this. Mine was on one particular side, and it was worse on one side so I kind of hit that, and on the top of the (fore)arms.

That delivery method is not real precise, so it’s not like taking a pill, you have to figure out how much you can handle. Sometimes you get a little bit too much, and it’s not easy. You have to drink a lot of water. That’s probably the key, just to preserve your internal organs. I have been doing it for over 10 years and I’m still here, so apparently it’s not hurting me too much. And what I do, the way I kind of handle it is I use that sulfur, and then I immediately go out and do hard exercise, you know a couple hours worth of intense cardio, and that really helps a lot. With that, and a lot of water, I bring a lot of water with me while I’m doing my exercise, and I want to sweat as much as I can basically.

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Alright, today I am going to be talking more about the use of the sulfur soap, and more of just trying to give you more of my knowledge of having been using it for quite some time now, years. The sulfur element itself is pretty abundant. I think it is like number fifteen or sixteen on the list, somewhere in that area, of the most abundant elements, on earth at least anyway, probably more abundant in the universe. So you already have a lot of it in your body. So, you know, maybe that’s the way I’ve been able to use it for so long, and not be that affected by it as far as I can tell. I’m not a medical , I don’t have formal training in the medical field. I have done a lot of intensive research, in the area, on the internet.

So have some knowledge. I don’t know if this is really going to pertain to you or not. I would definitely suggest getting alternate medical advice before you use anything that I am going to give you here. So, since the sulfur is such an abundant element, If you start using it and start getting like a. you think that you are getting an alergic reaction from it, that may not be the sulfur, that’s probably the stuff that the sulfur is getting after, and it’s getting mad, and it doesn’t like it so, it’s a tough one to say, that’s would I would think. That’s what happened with me. I was not allergic to the sulfur. Any kind of reaction I had, that was the stuff that the sulfur was killing, it was fighting back.

The amount to use is probably going to vary by your body weight, I would imagine. I’m pretty heavy, right now, I’m about 260 pounds or so. I use about four pea sized (glops of the sulfur soap cream) total But I think that you could probably use a little bit more in the beginning, because in the beginning, that stuff (soap) has permeated my body, and permeated those areas for so long, so I’m pretty saturated and it just slowly eminates out of the stuff that I have driven it into. And so you are probably not going to have that problem as much in the beginning, but you definitely don’t want to use too much. It’s rough, I mean you can do it, but you just have to do more exercise and drink a lot more water. So, I would say when.

You want to use it, at the most, in certain areas, you want to use about a pea sized glop on the soap. You want kind of a small amount, but you need enough to where it kind of slides. The sulfur soap is not very slippery (when dry). Unless, I guess, depending upon what other soap you are using, Maybe your soap is going to be a little more slippery than the stuff I am using. I probably tend to say avoid the slippery stuff (soap with extra lubricant) because you probably want that stuff (the problem) especially in the beginning coming apart as slowly as possible. So, I would try to avoid using the soap that has any kind of lubricants in it or whatever because it’s going to want to make that stuff (hair).

Come apart faster. So try to use the smallest amount possible to do the job. Because you are going to have to hit a few different areas, you know, multiple areas. A lot of times I find that I have to try to. go light on it (use less sulfur soap) so I use like a half a pea (or less) then it doesn’t slide very good but sometimes you have to kind of adjust. Now if you start having problems with, you know, stuff (disease, etc.) wants to get away from that (sulfur) so kinda wants to go to different areas of your body, you know it likes to move around to get away from that sulfur, so if it starts getting to your ears, to me the wax that kind of builds up in there is the best solution. But, if it’s too much for that, and you have.

To get all that wax out of there, I have taken globs of it and put it on Qtips and rubbed it in there to get that stuff to go away from your ear area, that is not the preferred solution, the wax is in my opinion, but sometimes I have had to do it, but I try to get away from it whenever I can and just go back to the wax. It seems to work, you know you don’t have to use as much sulfur then. That’s what you want to try to do. For your nose, I wear the expanding strips that kind of opens your nose up, the Breathe Right type strips. I rub some alcohol on my nose. That helps that stuff stick. I only wear that at night though, to sleep. Your eyes, you know, you probably maybe want to rub some of that kind of close towards.

The inside corners of your eyes right there (on the nose though), to get a little bit of that more back into your eyes there, that might help. Your mouth, you want to try to keep your mouth as clean as possible, maybe brush a couple of times a day, just like normal. I make my own mouthwash. I use Listerine as one component, because the alcohol is really the best for killing any of those germs, and I actually add flouride to mine. It just helps with the teeth. I like flouride, but just as a mouth wash really. I don’t have any preference as far as if it’s in the water, it’s fine with me. Make sure you floss all the time. Also, I have found, I mean at least for me, I don’t know if this is going be your case, but uh, I use like a night.

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