Sciatica Pain And Diabetes

My name is Raquel Ramirez and I heard about Dr. Deutsch through my church. I used to have a lot of pain and the pastor at my church told me to go to Dr. Singh because he could help me. I almost couldn’t walk because I had so much pain. A lot of pain. And when I went to see the Doctor, I told him what was happening and I also told him I am diabetic and that my blood sugar levels were very high. He helped me a lot. He taught me some exercises to treat my back pain.

I recommend this program to everyone because this treatment really works! I started feeling better. I started thinking more clearly. And I could walk. And my diabetes is now under control. Now I’m feeling really good. I can walk without using a cane. And the pain is almost gone. Before, the pain made me cry. But now, everything’s different. I’m feeling very good, very good. For anyone who has pain and needs treatment, I recommend they see Dr. Singh because he’s going to help. I have so much energy and I’m thinking more clearly.

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