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Hello, doTERRA consultants and friends. This is Rob Young. I’m here in Piura, Peru as part of our Piura Project with the Healing Hands Foundation. This is my friend, Oracio. Oracio is a farmer and in the state of Piura. During the day, he stays here cares for his banana orchard here. Around him, he has a garden. He’s growing cilantro here. His wife, who’s one of the recipients of our micro lending fund, she has project where she takes some of the material from the trunks of the banana trees.

And she makes these beautiful art pieces that she sells in the market. They both work very hard, are very businessoriented, and are committed to each other and their children. We’re happy to help any way we can with the Mentors International and the Healing Hands Foundation. We had purchased tools and materials that we can use to make our crafts. We have also invested in a small shop where we can sell our products. We want to keep moving forward to export our work and sell internationally. We are also looking more for more local marketplaces that can showcase our products.

Oracio and Maria received a loan of only $200. They are paying back the loan on schedule. It has allowed them to grow their business and provide for their children. Thank you so much for visiting us and for your generous help. My name is Eva Ortado. I am 30yearsold. I have a fouryearold daughter. My husband and I have been married for seven years. Eva is a stayathome mom in a developing neighborhood on the outskirts of Piura. But Eva is also a businesswoman. She runs a game center out of her home where kids come and pay to play her Playstation.

Piura Project Update, Lives Impacted by the dTERRA Healing Hands Foundation

I started with two Playstation 2’s. Then we met Royer from Mentors. He asked me, Why don’t you buy a Playstation 3 It’s newer and you would have more kids who want to come and play. I thought it was a great idea so we took out the loan. I have plans to continue growing my business. I have many goals. Rob So one day, you’re going to have a huge arcade here Eva I also want to start renting games to people. My husband is very excited about it. I hope to teach my daughter how to be a good person.

I also hope to be able to send her to a good school. I want her to be able to have a future and I want to be there for her. Eva has already paid back her first loan of $200 and is paying back a second loan of twice that amount. She has increased her profits by having an updated TV and gaming system and is close to paying off her second loan. This is Julia Romero. She also lives near Piura and runs a small business she named after her daughter, Silvia.

Her business sells freshly cooked lunches and other snacks and drinks along a busy highway. Through Mentors, I have had a chance to improve myself. With the support they give, my business has been able to grow. I make whatever people want to eat. If they want fish, I will make it for them. If they want chicken, I will make it as well. I will make whatever sounds good to them. The thing I make the most is chicken and fish. Everyone wants my salsa. They just love my salsa. I’m not sure why.

In addition to running her business, Julia takes care of her three grandchildren who have lived with her since they were little. She really wants to be a flight attendant. He would like to be a great chef. He wants to go to school to be a mechanic. Well, a teacher of heavy equipment mechanics. I just want them to be successful and have good jobs. I just want them to be happy. Sometimes, it is hard for them since they’re not with their parents. I just hope they can be happy as they get older.

I am mother and father to them. I would do anything for them. I am all that they have in this life. This is Jose. This is his wife, Carmen. Together, they run a small business making mattresses out of cotton and straw. I have been doing this for over 50 years. My father taught me how to do it, but he is too old so I take care of him and keep the business going. We make about 1520 mattresses a week. Someone else who had received a loan came to visit us.

She said, Why don’t you get a loan as well so you can get the support and help that your business needs to be able to grow. We used to buy all of our fabric from a thirdparty and it cost us a lot of money. Now, because of the loan, we are able to buy it directly from the manufacturer and it is much less expensive. We are able to make about $7 in profit from a sale of each finished mattress. We sell about 1520 a week and sometimes more if there are special requests.

Jose and Carmen support themselves and their grandchildren through their mattress manufacturing business. They provide jobs for others in the community. While visiting the Healing Hands microloan clients of Peru, one thing was evident When you believe in someone and give them the opportunity to succeed, more often than not, they will. In each community, we saw hardworking and dedicated people stretching to grow and improve each day. As they lift themselves out of poverty, they also have the dignity and confidence of knowing they control their own future. These stories of real people.

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