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Hi! My name is Lucian Cotea and I am a Certified QlikView Developer! I am going to show you how Google Maps can bring extra value to a QlikView application. We have a RealEstate application that contains the current portfolio. We will assume that we have a customer that wants to rent a tworoom apartment in Bucharest. We can see the average price by number of rooms and how many apartments we have in our portfolio We sorted the data by price so we can take a look at the cheapest apartments.

An extra requirement of the customer is to be near a metro station. So, we look for that info in the details, maybe the owner specified that. And here is the final result that matches the customer requirements. Another scenario is when a customer wants to buy a land. We clear all the selections. So, we are searching for a land for sale in Brasov county. We have 12 items, we can see the average price. Again, let’s take a look at the less expensive ones. Let’s take a peek also at the most expensive ones.

OK, now let’s see how Google Maps can help us by providing context information to our data. We clear the selections and switch to the next sheet. Because we don’t have any selections in place, we can see the whole portfolio on the map. We have several options regarding the map type, extramap, extrainfo and zoom level. Again, let’s go through the first scenario. We want to rent a 2room apartment in Bucharest. We see that, as we perform selections, the map autozoom to fit the remaining items. Let’s say that we have a budget of maximum 400 EURmonth.

QlikView Google Maps Real Estate Demo

Here are the apartments that fit the requirements. We can show extra information in the map. By mapping point of interest items like metro stations, schools and parks, we can calculate distances from them. Let’s say that we want to have a metro station in less than 500 meters. From the remaining options I want to see which the closest to a park. And here is the best option that fit the customer requirements. Let’s zoom a liitle bit to see the surroundings. Let’s take a quick look at the other 2 options, maybe there’s some interesting information about them.

Moving to the second scenario, we clear all selections. We want to buy a land in Brasov county. We can make selections directly on the map. We can visually see the price size. Using a map to locate the lands gives us very important information the surroundings. The selected land looks promising. It’s located in a residence area, with all the utilities already there. Let’s zooming a little bit. Ever more, we can see that is close to an European road. I hope you enjoyed my demonstration, thank you for your time. Good Bye!.

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