Sciatica Pillow For Driving

Oh hey everybody! It’s Doctor Jo. And it’s product review time again. The folks at Aylio sent me another cushion. This one is the Coccyx Wedge Cushion for your car seat or your office chair. It still has the same great qualities of all their cushions including a very nice soft cover, it’s got the groove here for that coccyx area. And then it also has the ability to take the cover off and wash it if you need to. And the cushion is the nice foam that is firm, so it stays, it holds its place, but it’s comfortable and you can sit on it.

For long periods of time. So let’s put it in the car seat. The thick end of the wedge with the place for your coccyx goes against the back of the seat here. You just place it as far in as you can, right in the middle, so the small end of the wedge is in the front. And then you sit down on it. Get nice and comfy. One of the big things that I would say is, make sure you sit in it before you go anywhere for a little bit cause I had to.

Do a lot of adjusting for my car. I had to move the seat around a little bit, I had to move the mirrors, I actually even had to move the head rest a little bit and my steering wheel, so you don’t want to have to end up doing all of that while you’re driving. So put everything into place, drive around in your neighborhood or an area where there’s not a lot of people, make sure it fits nice and comfy, and then you can keep on going. But what I really, really liked about it, like I like about all their cushions, is it.

Aylio Coccyx Comfort Wedge Cushion for Car Seat Review Ask Doctor Jo

Puts you in a nice neutral position. So I felt like I was sitting upright while I was driving, I didn’t feel like I was slouching down because it’s actually kind of hard to slouch down cause it puts you in a good position where if you start to slouch, you’re gonna lean forward, and then not be able to drive properly. So I like the way it makes you sit in the seat. And I can sit up a little bit higher so I can see a little bit better. Overall,.

It’s a very, very comfortable cushion, I would recommend it if you’re going on long drives. I don’t have any issues, but when I drive around with it, it’s very comfortable, and again, it makes me sit in an upright position so I don’t feel like I’m slouching and making my back tired. So if you have any questions, leave them in the comments section. If you’d like to check out some other tutorials, go to AskDoctorJo. And remember, be safe, have fun, Woo Hoo, and I hope you feel better soon.

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