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I treat a lot of patients who participate in Zumba and other dance type classes and we’re starting to see a primary problem in in a number of these patients which is simply foot pain and knee pain due to that foot rolling in too much and pronating too much the reason for this is that many of these people wearing dance shoes and many these dance shoes are really unstable but the reason they want to wear dance shoes is because the dance shoe is smooth under the ball the foot.

And these are sports or activities that require pivoting so you actually want something that has very little friction so you can pivot and not put excessive stress on your ankles your knees or your hip so unfortunately though it’s really difficult to try and find a dance shoe that provides the stability we need to stop that foot from rolling in too much so a solution that we’ve come up with that has worked very very well is to have these patients go get a standard crosstraining type of athletic.

Shoe now, we want a shoe that’s fairly firm on the heel and doesn’t twist too easily. If you go to our website do a search for our recommended shoes you can print up a list of the shoes we recommend including good cross training shoes but if you tryin use a cross training shoe as it is in a Zumba class the problem is there can be too much catch under here and you go to pivot and you’re unable to do so and that again that can cause problems with your.

Best Shoes for Zumba with Seattle Podiatrist Larry Huppin

Knees, your ankles and your hips so what we’ve been doing lately is number one having the patient get a good stable crosstraining type of shoe we put a good either prefabricated or custom orthotic in the shoe in then I write a perscription to have the patient take the shoe to a shoe repair shop and have a lowfriction dance sole added to the front of the shoe so that gives them the advantage of having the lowfriction under here like a dance shoe but the support they need back here.

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