Sciatica Stretches Car

Hi, I’m Dr. Robert Moore at Awesome Chiropractic. I want to talk to you how sciatica can be the result of whiplash from a car accident. When the body is aggravated and we get a whiplash of the neck. That will cause a lot of distortion and dural tension on the entire spinal cord. The dura is what protects your brain kind of like this coat she has on, if we twist it, we can see the whole shirt twisting. If we are twisted in the neck, we get a torsion.

And twisting of the pelvis and that will aggravate the nerve roots that are in charge of the sciatic nerve. Often times in car accidents, I’ve had patients break the seat so they get hyperextension and injure the low back as a result of that. They get sciatica as a result of injury to the low back. Even a mid back torsion will aggravate the entire spine. In a car accident, anything goes. Anything can happen to the spine. So, we first want to restore balance to the spine normal balance, normal cerebral spinal.

Fluid flow, normal dural tension, and normal neurological flow. Open up the spaces where the nerves come from, restore balance We can work on the disc that might be aggravated. We can do some flexion and distraction, opening up the disc space, and opening up the nerve root. There are many things we can do and many reasons for sciatica. In a car accident, it’s a big injury, it’s a big deal. We are here to help you. I’m Dr. Robert Moore at Awesome Chiropractic. For more information on whiplash, what it.

Sciatica from a car accident

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