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Hi, I’m Ashley Borden. Welcome to Perfect Form, you guys. You guys, I’m so excited. I’m finally gonna be showing you how to do a fullbody rollout. I know I always have this roller in every single tutorial. This is my whole guide that I have available for you guys to download for free on my website, Ashleyborden. So, I’m gonna take you through all the moves. You’re gonna do this for a time what feels good for you. So I’m just gonna show you each body part, but you can spend as much time or as little time on each body part that feels.

Good. Alright So let’s get started. We’re gonna start with your quads. And you’re gonna start right in the middle of your legs, okay On your forearms. And you’re gonna roll from the top of the hip to the top of the knee, alright So as you do this, you wanna make sure that you’re keeping your bellybutton pulled in, keeping your core tight. And you’re gonna do this guy with your feet straight. You’re gonna do it with your feet turned out, okay And then you’re gonna go pigeontoed feet. When you feel a sticking point, put.

The toes down, bend and extend the leg that you feel that little knot. And then move down, bend and extend, and then you’re gonna keep on rolling. Alright So those are your quads. And now let’s move to your IT band. So you’re IT band starts up in here, moves all the way down by the knee. A lot of times, people who feel knee pain, or if you’re feeling really tight in your hips, IT band is great. You’re gonna start right in the middle of the leg, and I want you to base yourself on your forearm. And you’re gonna roll side, up and down. Again,.

FullBody Rolling Out Routine Perfect Form With Ashley Borden

You wanna make sure your core stays tight. Alright, now, if you don’t feel this if you’ve been rolling out for a while double stack the legs. And you can go forward and back that way. Same idea When you hit a sticking point, foot goes down, bend and extend the leg where you feel that little knot, and then move up or down on that. Bend and extend, and keep on rolling. And, again, you’re gonna do both sides of all of this, but I’m gonna show you guys one side as we go. Alright, so those are your IT bands. And now we’re.

Gonna move to your TFL. So your TFL is right along this side. You can feel it when lay down and move your foot side to side. It, for some people, it feels like it’s a very high, tight muscle near the top of the hip. So same position, you’re gonna be on your quads, right You’re gonna be on the quad. You’re gonna turn your body slightly to the side. And you’ll feel it. When you hit it I’m turning this way to the side it’s right up at the top, and you’re just gonna do that little guy right there. I kinda call.

It the angry lion because it hurts, but it’s so good. It really releases a lot of that tension in the quads, into your glutes, okay And then the other side, you’re gonna angle, and up and down right on that guy. Ooh, that feels good. Alright, same thing When you feel something that feels sticking when you’re doing it, you can stop, bend and extend the leg and then little rollout. And then, again, you can go back and do the whole leg in between. Okay, so that’s your TFL. And now let’s move to your inner thigh. So.

Inner thigh The position of the roller is super important for you to get the pressure on your leg. You’re gonna start where you’re on your tummy, and you wanna bring the roller so it’s about at chest level, alright You’re gonna turn the roller away from you and then you’re gonna throw a leg over it, alright So you need that angle. If the angle is the opposite direction, you won’t be able to get your foot on there. So we’re gonna angle to the side. You’re gonna go on your forearms so you have that pressure. And notice I’m.

Using my back toe to base myself, and then I’m gonna roll all the way from your insertion point at your groin to the knee. Now, for some people this feels very uncomfortable and painful. As you rollout and you keep on doing it, it becomes less and less painful, and then sometimes you actually need like a harder surface for you to feel it. Alright, so same thing As I roll, it’s also going to be a lot more sensitive closer to the knee. When I feel a sticking point, I hold, I extend through my heel, and I bend. Extend and bend.

You wanna kinda shut off this leg as you’re doing it, as you’re going, okay So that’s the inner thigh, and again, you’re gonna do both sides, alright Next, we’re gonna move to your piriformis, which is also piriformisglutehip area up here. Alright, you’re gonna sit back, hands back like I’m kinda sitting on a park bench. You’re gonna cross your leg over like a cowboy, so not like a lady, alright And then you’re gonna drop the knee down. When you drop that knee down and you’re going forward and back, you will feel when you’re on it,.

Alright Because it’ll kinda feel like, Whew! Alright, I feel it. That’s your piriformis. This guy, especially when you sit all day, gets super tight and then ig shuts off your glutes. So then you fee like How come when I exercise I can’t feel my bum This is why. So you really wanna make sure you rollout your glute, rollout your piriformis. Okay, again, you can also extend the leg, turn it off, like, keep it like a dead leg, and then roll up and down if that feels more comfortable for you, alright And, again, you’re gonna.

Do both sides. And you choose how long you wanna do on the spots of your body that feel the tightest. Okay, so we did your piriformis. Now we’re gonna move to your hamstrings. You’re gonna bring the roller underneath you, alright Now, again, some people don’t feel this because either your muscles are too dense or you might have been rolling for a while and the foam isn’t gonna be enough. So I like to sometimes use a foam roller and maybe a PVC pipe, so I can switch whichever body part I need have more intense service so I can feel it. This.

Guy, I would probably use a PVC pipe, but I’m gonna keep it consistent with this. So, legs You’re gonna base yourself up, and you’re gonna go from the tush to the bottom of the knee, okay You don’t wanna rollover your joints, ever. Forward and back. And if you can’t feel this and you need a little bit more tension and need more pressure, cross one leg over, and you can go back and forth, okay Also, you can kinda stay on that guy, rotate forward and back, you can do it with both legs, move up, forward and back. And.

Make sure that when you’re doing this you’re actually, like, using the core. It’s like you’re doing an exercise as you’re rolling. I don’t want you to feel like you’re just sitting into your shoulders. Always be really aware of your posture in every position that you’re in, alright So this is hammies, your hamstrings. And, again, you spend the time on what feels the most comfortable for you. Alright, so now you’re gonna move to your calves. You’re gonna bring the roller all the way out, okay And when you base yourself.

With your calves, you wanna start down by the achilles. So start at the bottom. You’re gonna cross your top foot over for pressure, and then you’re gonna rotate side to side, okay When you feel a sticking point, again, when you feel something painful and you’re like, Oh my gosh, that’s tight! , hold, and you’re gonna do a big circle with your bottom foot like you’re drawing a big, big circle with your pinky toe one way, and then big circle the other way, alright And then you’re gonna move up on your calf. Same thing, rotate.

Side to side. Use that top leg for pressure, alright And then when you hit a sticking point, big circle with your bottom foot both ways. And then, of course, you’re gonna do the other side same thing. Make sure you do not skip your calves. A lot of woman and men, sometimes, they’re like, Eh, I don’t need to do my calves. My calves aren’t that tight. I hate to remind you guys It’s all connected, alright So you wanna do the whole body. Make sure you also do your calves, alright Next is gonna be your shins. Shins are awesome,.

Especially for people who are runners, if you’re in heels. I feel like most people absolutely neglect their shins and they get shin splints and they don’t know how to correct it. So this is a great way of getting into that area that’s kinda hard to reach. So here’s how you get into the position You’re gonna go hands in front, you’re gonna lift the leg up, and then you’re gonna cross the leg over so it’s like a 7, alright And then I’m gonna keep my hands based in front and I’m gonna go forward and back right on the shin, okay.

And, again, if you can’t feel this, you may wanna have a little bit of a denser roller. But this guy is really good, and I feel it. And you can also use your opposite hand, your opposite hand for pressure if you need a little bit more. Same thing, you can stop and do a big circle if you need to, if it feels really tight. Alright And just finish that guy up. And again, remember, you’re gonna do both sides. So now we’re gonna move to your upper back, and the upper back feels so good, especially if you sit a lot or you’re carrying a lot.

Of heavy stuff. Or kids and babies. So you’re gonna start right at the shoulder blade, alright The base of your shoulder blades. You’re gonna interlace your hand behind there’s a bone right at the base of your head you’re gonna interlace your hands there, so that way you rest your head in your arms. And you don’t wanna hold your neck up because you’re gonna feel a lot tension in the front of your neck. So you just wanna let that head rest, and you’re gonna use your feet to roll from the base of the shoulder blades all the way up.

To the top. And as you do this, if you need it deeper, if this isn’t enough, bring the elbows in. You’ll feel a deeper massage. And if you need to get a little bit deeper in between the shoulder blades, angle one elbow up, and then you’re gonna roll up and down on that side. And then, same thing, go back to center. Angle the opposite elbow up, and you’re gonna roll up and down. And that’s a great way to get inbetween the shoulder blades, get that upper back and into the shoulders. It should feel so good. Alright, you’re gonna.

Do your upper back as well. And that also helps with getting rid of that kinda back fat area. So when you’re actually doing your lat pulldowns or pulls, you can get a deeper contraction which also will help your muscles come in more and get a little more defined as well. Alright, so now we’re gonna go into your lats. So you’re lat position from there You’re gonna go on your side. You wanna start at your armpit, okay You’re gonna rest your head, again, in your hands, so that way you’re not holding your neck up, and you’re gonna.

Go forward and back, alright When you start up by the armpit, you might not feel it as deeply because it’s a little bit you’ve a little bit more tension going on underneath the armpit and the lat connection. But as you move down, you’re gonna move it down in between your ribs, you’ll start to feel it more. And notice when I’m going back, very important when I’m going back, I’m not letting my head roll back. I’m staying forward. So I feel like, it’s kinda like I feel like I have a neck brace on. And go forward and.

Back inbetween the ribcage. And then one more time down, forward and back. And take your time. I would also say with this guy For some people who are really sensitive, use the foam one for inbetween your ribs. If you’re super muscular and you don’t feel it, then go ahead and use a denser roller. But, again, this one you’re gonna do three spots down on your lat, and then you’re gonna go down to the other side. Alright, so now we’re gonna do your triceps. Last one. So, triceps Same position that I’m in that I.

Did for my lats. And I’m gonna bring my arm out so I’m starting in the center of my arm, and I’m gonna base my hand for pressure. If when you’re rolling this is too, too intense, again, you can use your pressure to hold yourself up from it. If you don’t feel this, go ahead and put your head down on your arm and you can roll forward and back. Notice how my palm is up when I’m rolling, okay So I’m not forward because that kinda closes off your tricep.

Keep your palm up, keep your fingertips open. Don’t clench. And you’re gonna roll forward and back. And, again, if you feel a sticking point, you can bend and extend on that guy. You can also kind of roll forward and back. You can really kinda get creative with the rolling, but the one thing you don’t want to, again, is you don’t wanna go over any joints. I don’t want you to rollout your stomach. And when you’re using the density of the roller, you will feel discomfort, but you don’t want it to be so uncomfortable that feel like,.

Oh my gosh, I have to get off this immediately. So you will go through a little bit of discomfort when you’re starting. As you do it more and more, the discomfort will decrease, and then you’ll probably wanna go up to a more harder surface a PVC pipe or Rumble Roller or any of those. Alright guys, so that was your fullbody rollout. And, again, you can rollout before you workout. If you’ve had a really intense workout and you wanna rollout afterwards, that’s great. You definitely can rollout on days that you don’t exercise or at the end.

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