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Hello I’m Doctor Heater Moore owner of Total performance physical therapy. Today we’re going to go over the differences between foam rollers as many of you know there’s a lot of foam rollers out there in the market and picking the correct one can make or break your foam rolling program, I usually recommend having 2 foam rollers ,1 of a lesser, easier variety with your injured you can used and another one like the ones at the end their a little bit challenging so when you’re not injured you can used them for more a selfmassage.

Tool and to get up to your trigger points. The first type of foam rollers is the easiest foam roller this is very, very none dense foam you will feel this as much in your IT bands, if you are injured or have a lot of trigger points this is what we recommend in if you are in we have, or again you have some sort of knee pain starting with this is the best way to go. The second type of foam rollers a little bit denser this is a black foam roller.

Its usually only comes in black just to indicate that’s a thicker density and the one it can come in half size or full size, this again can be used during your rehab process this is one I usually recommend that people purchased for their homes it is a little bit tougher so if you are sore you can use this and you can tolerate it but if you are also feeling good many people just chose to stick with this one because it will help you get a lot of the trigger points in your body out after you work out the next one is a rumble roller.

Different types of foam rollers

Their 2 type of rumble rollers there are firm and extra firm these should be used when you are feeling good when you are doing a maintenance program when your just doing a foam roller program and you’re not injured these spikes will go in to your muscles and they will release any trigger points any damage that’s in the muscle it’s a very effective tool they can be used while you are working out when you’re not injured but if you are feeling any sort of pain rolling with this may actually cause you more injury that’s why I say having.

One without the intensity of the spikes might be advisable for when you’re feeling sore and the final one is just an extra firm rumble roller that you can use when your just doing maintenance this is not to be used if your injured its not to be used at any other time other than if you feel good and your just doing maintenance there’s one in between this and the rumble roller it’s called the brid, it’s made by trigger point products it is also a very intense foam roller so again if your injured you may not be able tolerate.

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