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We need to discuss artificial discs because they are a big and popular topic right now and we have to discuss what they are what they do and what they don’t do and some of the problems associated with artificial discs in general i think artificial discs work well for the neck or for the cervical spine but i’m not a big fan of them for the lumbar spine for a number of different reasons the first thing you have to understand is how these discs are implanted you have to make an incision in the belly.

Move down through the intestines move away the aorta and the vena cava to get to the front of the disc to implant these no to understand why they don’t work as well as a regular disc is pretty easy to understand a regular disc is a shock absorber it absorbs impact and it’ll have some constraint on motion so that it won’t translate much it acts as a bushing now there are variations of artificial discs but they all work on the principle of allowing motion of one of the two structures on the other structure.

The problem with artificial discs is they have no shock absorption there is no ability for the disc to absorb impact and in addition it doesn’t have a constraint it won’t slowly move from one point to the other it slides uniformly and this creates an abnormal motion on the vertebra which i think creates more stress in the back of the vertebra and creates more problems for wear these things also loosen over time and they create wear debris and the wear debris can loosen these discs eventually meaning the replacement.

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