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Middletown NJ Sciatica and Low Back Pain Relief

Mostly low back pain, which I’ve had off and on for years. The reason I came here is because it was no longer just low back pain it started radiating into my hips Its been amazing. After that initial treatment, things just got better so much quicker. You feel your whole body correct itself and realign. After the first visit it was almost gone, and the day after it was totally gone. I would definitely give it a shot because it’s the most effective and quickest.

Medication free treatment that I have ever been associated with.

Dont wait for your Low Back or Sciatica to get worse

Hi, It’s Michael Guadagnino. Summer time is one of the best times of the year. It’s a time when we recharge our batteries and get ready for the rest of the year. It’s also a great time, if you do suffer with back pain or sciatica to do something about it. Our office is open all summer long, we will not be going away and we have some of the latest technologies like the DRX9000, cold laser therapy, interferential therapy and Chiropractic manipulation. We are very equipped to help people who suffer with back pain or sciatica. If you do suffer, call the office at 2018256601. We are here 4 days a week and Saturdays, we are around and do want to help. We do accept most insurance. If you would like some more.

Information about the office please click on NY NJ NonSurgical Spinal Decompression Michael Guadagnino. We have tutorials and other information and more good stuff to see how we can help you. Thank you.

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