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Hello my name is Sharni. This is my clinic. I work at Warrandyte Osteopathy. One of the biggest challenges in my business is to make sure that we can grow our business as fast as possible, and to have strong continual growth. Magnets allow us to be target specific, with our field of depth, in terms of who we want to service and who we can reach. We’ve chosen Magnets over other forms of advertising because they are economical, they do last for a very, very long time, and we’ve often found that Magnet phone calls.

Do translate to a job or a direct booking for us. So we got our original magnets from Mister Magnets at least over 10 years ago now. Since then, we’ve redesigned our magnet. I know that patients will still comment that they get my number from the old magnet design. That’s quite interesting to hear that kind of feedback, because it means they’ve still got the old magnet on their fridge, which is great. When we put an ad in the local newspaper, they do read the newspaper, and then they put it down, whereas magnets are always on the fridge.

And people can find our number and call us any time they need. We use both business cards and magnets, but what I find with the magnets is that they last even past a few months. We might get a call for a job in 12 months time for a magnet, whereas we won’t get that from a business card. I decided to go with Mister Magnets, both in the past and I currently still use them, because I get really great service. I get to speak to designers that offer great suggestions for artwork.

Dr. Sharni, Warrandyte Osteopathy

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